COB (chip on board) led 50w warm white


Bro mars-hydro has some amazing cob stuff there my friends there wanted to share Christmas with you all with a discount code SEAN520 , Merry Christmas to you all and have a happy grow :wink:


@dbrn32 I finally got a heatsink fan combo :wink: all I need is a small enough driver. What would you recommend? Something like a 700ma?

I’m going to mount the cob on there tomorrow, and also gunna do something never been done before, mount that little heat sink to the side of the larger heat sink to pull more heat away :wink::+1: it will be enough if I get a driver the correct size for a 50w cob it shouldn’t overheat


@dbrn32 What wires are these? Red power, black ground, and blue is speed control?


@Covertgrower do you know about colored wires? I saw you had an abundance of heat sinks and fans so :+1: thanks bud


I found a cool driver for this mini cob setup, it has a potentiometer :wink: I cant post link it’s on rapid led


@AmnesiaHaze I haven’t really played with mine, but usually in a 12V system red is positive and black is negative.


@Covertgrower thanks for that, I’ll let others chime in, primarily @dbrn32 he seems to know what I’m looking for in lighting :+1:


Wow thanks for that link. I know if my computer power supplies fall through, for $30 I’m covered. @AmnesiaHaze


No problem haha let’s hope your computer doesn’t do that! I just thought it would be perfect for my mini seedling 50w cob I’m trying to build, yes it’s a 3500k bridgelux chip and 3500k is primarily for flower but actually the extra reds for seedlings is just what it needs! It will work perfect for a sprout! If it’s the right driver I’m looking for, and it has dimming option :wink::+1:


On a three wire fan, red should be dc+ black dc- and that third wire is usually a tach sensor and yellow. Don’t believe I’ve seen one blue, but I also don’t do a whole lot with computer fans.

Do you have a data sheet for the cob? The specs should determine where the best output current for you will be.


I’m not computer savvy either I just had an old tower laying around and took out 3 fans and a couple small heat sinks. Thank you for the wire clarification bro. I unfortunately don’t have one right now, but I will try to find the correct data sheet for the COB. I do kno it’s a 50w brigelux but don’t know the exact series, or bin. I will post one when I find it bro @dbrn32


Cool! You just have to be kind of careful when they say 50 Watts. Is that 50 watts max, or 50 Watts at test current right? All that info should be on the data sheet, and will help make sure we get it right.

From looks, it doesn’t appear to be from vero line if it’s bridgelux. Those are the only bridgelux cobs I’m familiar with. I’d help more if I could.


Oh snap your probably right then, it is only 50w max, and I will look into correct brand and data sheet


It could be a different line from bridgelux, I’m not really sure is what I meant. All of the bridgelux cobs I’ve worked with have come from the vero line.

Where did you get it from?


It’s from amazon, here’s the description:

Specifications(LED Chip):Product Name: LED SMD Chip
Input Voltage:DC 31-36V
Forward Current(IF):1500-1750mA
Light Color:Warm White
Wave Length (Color Temp):3000K-3500K
Life span:50,000 hours
Size:51.5 x 46mm/2 x 1.8 Inch(L*W)
Application:For Led Floodlight /Spotlight DIY

Specifications(LED Driver):
Model type: 50W LED Driver
Input voltage :AC85V-265V 50-60Hz 0.8A
Output voltage: DC 24-36V 1500mA(+/-5%)
Waterpoof Rating: IP67
Total Weight: 262g

It turns out to be a uxcell off brand led :-1: but it’s fine it’s all free and spare parts I am doing this project becuase I have everything I need besides a driver. But I want to get the right one with a dimmer, the one that came with this cob went into my China light to fix it, and it wasn’t dimmable lol it was cc/cv. So the same size driver but dimmable is what I want.


Out of likes @dbrn32 :+1::+1:


Sounds easy enough. Was there a label on that driver? Assuming that’s where the 700ma came from?


Yeah I could take the light back apart, but the label is correct in the description.

@dbrn32 wait where did you get 700ma from

The driver output is 1500ma and the forward current rating for the cob is 1500ma-1750ma


Post 22 in this thread I think. You were asking if that would be good I think?


The meanwell npf-40d-36 looks like it would work based on those specs. Max output is 1120ma though. So like 40 Watts if fv is 36. It’s constant current and has 3/1 dimming rated dim to off. So good for potentiometer.