COB and autoflowers

Should I be using a c o b light with my autoflowers?

I’m not sure what you’re asking? You can use a chip on board light, but you don’t neccesarily have to. What light do you have and how big is grow space?

I’m pretty sure you can use whatever light suitable for plants (photo or auto) as long as it is adequate in the space you’re growing in.

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If you’re only growing one or two plants you can use many kinds of lights:

Daylight CFL’s for veg + 2700k CFL’s for flower,
T5 Florescent
‘Burple’ LED panels
HPS lamps and so on…

About the only common light that can’t be use to grow plants are regular incandescent bulbs. If you’re on a fairly tight budget and only growing 1 or 2 plants then I’d suggest an inexpensive LED (COB or burple) or a CFL set up. You’d be surprised how well CFL’s will grow a single plant if you use the right combination of color temperatures. Once you’ve gone through the process maybe you’ll want to invest in a better lighting system.