Coast of Maine Soil

I get mine at my local garden supply Agway store they have a locator on the web site

I use CoM, great soil. I order mine from True Value and pick it up at my local store.

Coast of maine bar Harbor Blend got my girls like this. I buy it from my local nursery.


very nice

COM products are great I’ve found whichever blend you choose some perlite added in will help out huge. The dry amendments work really well too and cost wise you can’t go wrong

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The pink bag right that’s what I’ve done my last 3 grows with the soil is really rich and I found I didn’t have to start feeding for at least 3 weeks or more depending on which strain I was growing. Overall really good stuff!!

Yes pink bag no perlite since I’m in fabric pots the girls don’t seem 2 mind it at all. I don’t use none of the amendment. I feed the girls Jack’s 321 and fish shit. Later in flower I start adding recharge

Yeah that is what I’m thinking about next grow the jacks seems to be the way to go!

Really easy and cheap compared 2 the rest and my girls are all frosty 2 from it I personally wouldn’t use nothing else now a days

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any nutes my freind or is it all organic? i use COM also ,

Yes Jack’s 321 by Jack’s nutrition. It’s a 3 part nutrition that you mix with water every feeding and it’s cheap

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i thought so. im going to try just top dressing thru veg and nutes about week 4 flowering.
see how it works out.

Can’t wait 2 c that. Tag me if you got a journal going

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Jack’s is not organic

Def not I stated it’s a 3 part nutriotion never said it was organic.

@SilvaBack203 I am growing in COast of Main as well and noticed that the first pic of your plants are showing the same leaf issues as mine. Is that something you see often? Just trying to figure out if this is normal or i have an issue somewhere… please check my post if you can.

@Dabgramps I also noticed you pics are similar to mine as well.

Also, here’s a pic of my girl now


I just hit my local hydro store, 50 miles away. Seeds are popping up now!


Perlite added in that Stonington blend will be a huge difference than just running it straight out of the bag at least in my experience with it. Overall a great soil to grow out of for sure. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all!! Good luck with your grow!

Yes it’s normal depending in genetics they get it with coco too and different soils. They grow out of it. No problem and I would continue doing what you doing because that’s a nice looking healthy girl


I add 20 - 25% Perlite to my Stonington soil. Last grow with it was my 1st in a tent. Awesome chop. Beautiful buds…