Coast of Maine Organice Plant food

hello, I was at my local nursery looking for cal mag and happened upon a plant food. its in powder form and the ingredients read as follows, Nitrogen %5.0, Phosphate 2.0%, Soluble Potash 4.0%, Calcium 4.0%, Sulphur 2.0% and magnesium 1.0%. Then it says with lobster, kelp and worm castings 5-2-4. While I did not find Cal Mag, I bought this as was wondering A, can I use this? B, can I use this in place of something? C, I use General Organics as my nutrients now. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Oh and does anyone know if any of the big box stores sell Cal Mag, I am completely out. The store I usually purchase my nutes from is closed on Mondays and is an hour and a half away.

I can’t answer on the soil but cal mag can be bought on amazon. Cal Mag might be at Walmart of Kmart but I have never looked for it there myself as the local hydro store near me has it or I get it online.

Maybe @Majiktoker or @garrigan62 or @Dumme can advise you on that soil which looks good to me, but I’m a bit of a newbie on some of this stuff and soil is one of them.

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A. Yes you can use certainly wouldn’t recommend for seedlings though. B. Can you use it in place of something? What are you trying to replace? And C. I use advanced nutrients, and honestly dont know much about what nutrients your are using

I have the soil taken care of, currently I am using ProMix . Found it at my local nursery, I will be going back to Fox Farms for my next grow and I ordered some Cal Mag off of amazon, it should be here a day or 2, I was just trying to find some in a quick pinch. Thanks tho.

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@Majiktoker, I wasn’t really trying to replace something per say, just didn’t know if I could, which doesn’t make sense Im sure, I just know that I am getting ready to send my ladies to flower this upcoming weekend and since I am going to start using the flowering nutes, I didn’t know if something could be replace with this Coast of Maine product. I am thinking I will not replace this Coast of Maine stuff with anything related to my ladies, I am however going to test this stuff next month when I start actual veggie seeds , I was reading the bag and it says to add it to the soil before planting seeds. Thanks for your response

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Tag me when you do it i would like to see how that turns out @doodlebug, and gotcha yea it makes sence now that you put it that way

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hey maji, just wondering what products from advance you use? I use them aswell, but am curious to see which different products you swear by. If you use connoisseur by any chance also?

I will get back to you when I get home today @BondPacker, sorry for the delayed reply

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I am sure I have the same problem as many people, I smoke and then I get thinkin @Majiktoker :wink:


@BondPacker, as far as advanced nutrients go i dont have A select type to use i use most of advanced nutrients and they all work great I have no complains, I have used conossuir once hammer would be a good person to tag for the connesour