CO2 users: how do you deal with heat & humidity?

I’ve got a RDWC system, chiller, HLG Scorpion Diablo, dehumidifier in the tent, controlled by a Titan controller (CO2, humidity, temp) in my basement. Ambient this time of year is ~70F, 42%.

My controller is constantly running the dehumidifier (down from 75% to 60s%), then lowering the temp (from 87) by air exchange, then refilling the CO2 (1000ppm), pause for a while then repeat.

There’s definitely a tradeoff between CO2 and temp/humidity in the tent, but I wonder if there’s better ideas? What do you do?

Since this is supposed to be a sealed grow space for the co2, could you possibly run a dehumidifier in the space?
AC is probably out of the question…

Yea, I am running a dehumidifier in the tent …. And it generates heat, which yields eventual venting to lower temp.

Thought about portable a/c, but am just wondering what others do in similar situation.