Co2 usage what about

Just what the benefits are to using. How large of a grow area would benefit and how noticeable are yields or small tents grows is it necessary.

You can expect a 20 to 30% more yeild but everything needs to be on target and no problems at all for that to happen.
First step is to get as much as possible with your setup and having good light’s is a must no blurple 1500watt that only draws 200watt from the wall.
Repeating cycle timers so you don’t suck out your gas you just sprayed a good sealed tent or room as for how much that will vary on plants and on what works for you the blog on here has a great article on this a set-up for a 4x4x6 grow tent i priced at 600 dollars that is with 2 big Co2 bottles from the welding supply house
Hope this helps you and good luck


Great answer. My advice to you would be to only consider CO2 if you have optimized everything else. If you are an experienced grower with the proper setup then it would be worthwhile. BUT! If you have inadequate light at the canopy there is no benefit. A sealed, climate-controlled environment is essential.


As mentioned…CO2 works best in a closed environment.
There inexpensive methods: hanging sheets sprayed with water and yeast bags that will produce CO2 for months. Depends on your needs.
Old Hippies…we used club soda to mist for CO2. Not overly effective but very affordable.

It will make a diff. 30% increase of veg is a good result. Btw…only need CO2 for the veg phase.


Yeast sugar and water in a 5 gal bucket hung from the ceiling is an easy way to produce co2 also


With 2 holes in the top and tubes running out of the top ro put where u need it in the tent

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Really appreciate the knowledge from experienced growers and discovered that I have a way to go before I use co2. thanks again to all my family herb experts without you it would be really hit and miss.