Co2 reaction diy

Does this really work or not, read about it and build it
DIY co2 mixture, the bubble reaction is there.
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Yes it does help a lot in vegging but you don’t want to used that method after week 3 in flower or once buds start to form due to moisture can cause bud rot . But yes it really do help your plant thrive and grow vigorously , I myself used a GroBro CO2 generator I bought off Amazon I think for about $35 maybe and it has the tube built into the lid , and it supply CO2 in a small grow space for about 5-10 days . Now I’ve been told Hot Ice is best for late flower due to it being more of a fog instead of creating moisture , hope this helps ?

Hot ice? Is that the same as dry ice?

Yes Sir @ktreez420 its dry ice , I put a small square in a car board box I invented to hang right over the canopy of the plant , sit the dry ice in there and drop a few dans of vinegar or peroxide and let it smoke and fog the tent until it finish in about 2 hours maybe until it dissolves and that’s it she gets enough C02 to fatten up .


Good stuff…:seedling: