Co2 production in grow tent

i have been experimenting with various co2 delivery systems, they have been sufficient, but none have been reliable, consistant with the rest of my automated system.But just recently found out about home bar systems eg kegarator that have co2 bottles for aeration. Question: has anyone experimented with this system(but only the co2 bottles with regulator) if so any pro/cons because appear to be alot cheaper, safer & controllable without open flames etc

Hot ice might work as well ?

yeah there are lots like these but arent consistant over the day cause i cant keep replenising i work 12 hr shifts so need something that releases in controlled manner

@ cooral I totally understand , I work 12 hours shift as well , but the hot ice you can kind of measure sort of speak . Where you would purchase you can have them cut it in square units to kind of get a timing on how long each piece would take to dissolve and supply the added amounts of CO2 , I usually get mine cut in 4 inch by 4 inch squares and I only need two pieces that size , cause I run the GroBro thru veg and up to the first 2 weeks of flower , Than I remove that and used the cut square of CO2 in week one of flower and week two and that’s it for CO2 .

yeah i see wat ure saying, i live in area that has hot summers & cold winters is that an issue for u aswell if so do u adjust these values & is it expensive

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If I was in a position where I needed CO2 supplementation I would buy a tank

-know exactly when and how much Co2
-eliminate hit-or-miss
-it will pay for itself in no time

-best wishes

yeah got tank&regulator just need to be able to measure ppm in growroom, roughly 1000ppm in 2/2/2mt room, all monitors so far just really expensive for hobby grower around $400(already in fir bout $5k)

have been researching ure idea for dry ice just wondering, i live in country if extreme temp s winter&summer, have u noticed a big difference of ice lowering room temp cause that would b really helpful in summer

I haven’t realised a need of extra co2 in my tent but I make my hash with dry ice and when I’m done (a whole 6 minutes after I started) I put the dry ice in the tent, just because I can. I can’t comment on the difference the co2 makes, but the thermostat does turn the heater on more frequently so it does bring the temp down. While dry ice is cheap, it doesn’t last long and without seeing a real need for it, it is more trouble than it’s worth to me to go regularly go to the gas shop to pick some up. I also brew my own spirits, and the fermentation from that gives off a lot of co2 for atleast 6 days, and up to 10 if the temp is a bit cooler. My whole man cave fills with co2, but I’m going to rig up a hose from the air lock directly into the tent so it gets the full amount of co2 produced. But I want to do that after I have a few consistencies in place so I can prove how beneficial it is to the plant. I also bought a cheap co2 producer, for plants in fish tanks, which uses vinegar and baking soda but haven’t used it yet, but I paid about $12 for it. I decided to add things to the tent as I deemed them necessary, rather than put everything I think it needs. If you change too many things at once, you can’t be sure what it was that made things better, or worse