Co2 problems possible signs

How do I know if my plant needs co2? Is there any physical signs ? Thankyou I am going 2 plants in a 2 by 4 grow tent.

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Are you ventilating, bringing in fresh air?

A normal sized bedroom has enough passive air flow a plant will never suffocate. If your tent maintains negative pressure it will too. So just make sure when it’s all closed up the exhaust fan is causing the walls to suck in a little.

@jimlisa2 I grow in a 2x4 but I do not ventilate so I supplement co2 but if you have air exchange you don’t need to worry.

I open up the tent. As far as a fan no I am not using a fan.

How big are your two plants? How old?

Yeah use Co2 when you have everything else dial in unless you have 100 oxygen your plants are getting co2

I see no reason to use co2. I have never had a problem. Plus you need a lot of good lights to properly use co2. Otherwise you are wasting money.