CO2 or carbon dioxide/feeding your plants

Any of y’all know the easiest way to feed your plants CO2 or carbon dioxide pros cons new to this have heard people talk about it they say it makes bigger buds making grow better I’m just curious if it helps and how do you even go about getting something like that more or less feeding it to your plants and I guess kind of trying to keep it contained for your plants

molasses warm water active yeast and dont close the cap completely because if not it will blow because of the gas is a time bomb lol so leave it there i use to shake it like every 2 or 3 days and discard when no see more bubbles coming out

About as cheap and easy as you can get for a CO2 generator.

Does the sugar in the molasses ferment with the yeast almost sounds like a jailhouse trick I’m not trying to be rude or nothing but I’ve done it LOL but if it’ll help your plants you’re going to see him bottle of molasses at the bottom of all mine

I got another question why am I seeing like a bunch of little bushy plants all mine just tender go straight up with some really big leaves off of them but buds basically at the base of them is it the way you cut it

Yes it will. That is what is creating the CO2.

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Wow I didn’t know that it created CO2 I just thought it made alcohol I knew it bubble and you can slow down the cooking process if you close it all the way but that would kind of defeat the purpose of putting it under the plant for the CO2

Thats because of your lights. The rest is down to different strains, growers, experience. Also this is not my plant this is from another grower.


Right yeah I don’t know that was a good looking plan it just seemed really bushy to be so short

Have you ever heard of the carbon dioxide burst for your plants

This is what I have right now

I was told it makes your buds denser

It will. all your doing is giving the plant more gas to breath with will help make it and its buds bigger.

Yeah but how would you make carbon dioxide

Is that one plant

Yeast. I make a lot of moonshine I got yeast. If you dont have that get yeast from the store used for making bread.

Yea that is one plant. It is a Blueberry auto that I got to reverse fem and I am getting ready to harvest it soon for Fem pollen.

Haha I hear you yeah that’s a nice plant Man it’s got some really good size to it to filling up your whole grow room

Thats just one tent I have three. I have a Sour Dubb S1 going in one and the other just finished a Ohelo Berry and Aloha OG.