Co2 in unsealed tent?

Any real benefit to co2 in an unsealed tent?
Something like exhale bags?

None at all.


Kinda what I’m gathering.
For more reasons then the tent is open…

It’s just that I’ve expanded the number of tents in our spare room that is full of the wife’s house plants as well. I just sorta worried about, do they have enough co2 coming in the the HVAC.
I mean the return is of course in the house where we are so it should? Maybe :thinking:

Looks like I’m going have to buy a Metter if some sort and do some testing :man_facepalming:

Get a co2 monitor to take readings of the grow environment

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Look i use co2 in my tent but i have the vents open i make my own CO2 and i see a big difference with growing with CO2

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Do you feed higher concentration of nutes and run higher PAR ?
From what I gather, from a scientific standpoint, even if it was sealed it supposedly only works if everything is dialed in and you basically force feed with hotter room temperatures and high light intensity…

I need to take some readings Pharmerbob suggests.
Im not planing on running it at this point I don’t believe, but I will get a meter and see where it’s at and go from there…

It be interesting to know if nothing else

Im doin organics so no bottled nutrients I do have a higher par up around 1200 to 1500

Without plants in the tent i have gotten par readings up 2200 with a par app on my phone its supposed to be the best par app out there i have had alot higher aswell

CO2 has been well researched and you are correct that everything has to be dialed in to make a difference. Exhale bags simply don’t work.

Make sure you have plenty of air exchange and you’ll be fine.

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