Co2 generator question

Has anyone tried a co2 for an aquarium? If so, is it a sufficient amount of co2.

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I use to use the old dry ice in water with a regulator valve on it. It works great for a small closet/tent if you are looking to get out as cheap as possible. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help you create one if that’s what you’re looking for. Best of luck on your gardening ventures.

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I use yeast sugar and water to make mine.

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I also use yeast sugar mix ! But add a piece of ground up tomato the acid in tomato fuels the process. Hope this helps!! Works great for me cheaper than filling my tank​:+1::grin:!!

@Bassbum2 here’s the gro bro bucket bought on Amazon… I made second one just has to be sealed no light leaks!

@Bassbum2 as for aquarium co2? I thought about that? Never tried think it would run out fast. I use to use big tank it was a pain in the ass!! Co2 bags work but coast to much !! I buy bulk turbo yeast on Amazon . bulk sugar .for me it’s the cheapest way with same if not better results. You can control co2 with more or less sugar. I do have co2 meter so I know it works. 4 grams yeast, 4 cups sugar , chunk of tomato. 1 gallon container contains filled 1/2 way warm water.mix . Every morning swish around to activate. Add 1 cup sugar after 5 days . last about 10 days they say 14. Less sugar last longer but less co2.