Co2 generator help

What would be a good mix ratio of sugar to yeast and water for a co2 generator

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Wouldn’t take much sugar, but you’ll probably need to add more as the yeasts consumes it.

It is probably best to note that unless you are running high intensity lights in a sealed, climate controlled room, pushing high nutrient loads, running any kind of CO2 is a complete waste of time. It’s also smelly and will go foul on you if not careful, along with it not making much CO2 at all. The ones running it are regulating to fairly high partial-pressures along with increased lighting so the plant can actually utilize that excess.

I would strongly suggest you focus on other methods of maximizing yield/quality before attempting CO2. Just my $.02


Thanks I won’t bother with it then


I would suggest schooling yourself on lighting and making sure you have good tools to monitor your environmentals. CO2 would be fun to try but needs a pretty specific tailored environment for it to be effective.