CO2 from seltzer water...any truth?


ive seen a couple of youtube vids touting the co2 from seltzer water can be absorbed through the leaves by misting it lightly with straight pure seltzer water. anybody know if that will work? and would watering the plants soil with it do any good?


Sorry Never Heard Of It!!!
Where did you see this?




It does work, but not a great way to do it. If you do try this just remember to do it in the am as soon as the lights come on. If you spray them later in the day you risk the chance of mold on your nugs. The buds will dry enough if sprayed in the morning.
From personal experience I don’t think it helps that much. I use CO2 gas in the flowering phase. not very expensive. I gas the room every 4 hours for 15 minutes during light hours. I also have all my fans on timers so they are off when CO2 is on.