Co2 dripper can you help plz

so i just built a vinegar n soda dripper. how often do i change the soda? ik its a stupid question but being my first grow im havin hell lol


Not stupid at all “au contraire” it’s a legitimite question… :wink: :innocent: . I’m personnaly using that technique and found out that I have to change the soda every 4-5 days, however it’s really depend on the flow you have and the quantity of soda you put on your container. :wink::innocent:


I used the sugar and yeast method and from what I recall it was around the same 3-4 days and I had to restart a new ferment. During that time my plants vegged the most and growth was extremely fast :dash:

Photo of my CO2 dripper in the background


Easiest way I learned on here just mist with plain seltzer water … :+1:

dso instead of sprayin them with plain water use seltzer water?[quote=“Emagdnim367, post:27, topic:7559”]