Co2 dream come tru

Just got co2 got a 9 3/4x5.5x6.5 how do I get this shit going to benefit my growing

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Well what kind of setup do you have…


Got a tank and regulator from my boy.t hats Alli know

Is the tank and the regulator going to be hooked up to a controller? You want to go and get drip line like you use for your sprinklers at Walmart it’s really cheap but you want to suspend that over your plants and run the co2 through those lines Sprinkling kind of down on your plants and of course you can’t run your extraction fans when doing this but interior fans are fine but not the extraction fans because they will be eating up your precious co2… On a side note … I use Coleman lanterns for CO2 and it works ridiculously well and is way cheaper… But can also be way more dangerous depending on your setup…


Ya I’ll I got is tank and regulator gonna hit up local store and c what kind of lines I can get

Would it b better to run lines on ground and plus I run when lights on

I use co-2. I have a climate controller and a burner. I dial it in for ppm and watch my room for temperature which takes a couple of hrs because of the heat from the burner then I adjust exit fan by the temp - so it comes on when the heat hits 80 degrees and turns off when its 73. The burner only produces co-2 when the exit fan is off and that’s it. Right now the room cycles about every 1/2 hr. Adjusting everything is something I enjoy, like tuning up a motor. The plants love it at about 1200-1300 ppm. If you have everything dialed in for your grow and are happy with your skills then add co-2 you will see a big difference in growth rate. Keep a close eye on your watering because they will need more than before.
I have never used the compressed gas type. But it must be similar, you have to be able to accurately measure co-2 in the room and have a control device for on/off. Co-2 is heavier than air so make sure there is good air flow especially under the canopy.

I’m a eBay shopper can u let me know what thinks I can grab to hook it up

I’m gonna do it by hand how do I figure how long until if fills my tent up.

If you’re trying to do something like that by hand it will be extremely hard that’s why I say if you have a controller to control. They usually run 300 to $600 depending on what you’re looking for… for a tank system like you have it’s almost necessary or else you will be spending money out the boo-boo to try and keep that tank filled… propane and Gas is always cheaper but you have to really have things dialed in because of heat that comes with it…


OK how does the controller control the co2 with a regulator I could see getting a monitor to know when its full (tent) I just don’t understand unless u have a electronic regulator

Plants and us can be poisoned by too much co-2. As peachfuzz has said you need a controller because c0-2 in your tent or room over 2000 parts per million is damaging too your plants. There needs to be a shut off switch which comes on and off according to the desired amount you want in the room. It will be electrical and will tell you the current amount and let you adjust.

The controller’s I’m talking about will do everything for you you hook your tank and regulator up to the controller and then run your lines from the controller throughout your room to spread the CO2 the controller will know when there’s enough CO2 in the room and will shut off automatically but you also need your exhaust fans plugged into that controller to tell them when to run also it’s kind of a big ordeal but at the same time super simple it’s one thing telling another thing what to do when the right time is to do it… :v::sunglasses:

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Ya I looked at controllers on eBay bout $400 I think the co2 can wait I’m interested in going hydro first gonna experiment with some bubble buckets first

CO2 is really like icing on the cake but in veg it goes crazy huge explosion of growth flower not so sure… try the bubble buckets first u might get what you want with that, I’m with you first I’m kind of in the same boat believe it or not guess we’ll find out together LOL…


Yes please let me know got clones almost ready gonna make a bucket soon c how it goes.