Co2 bags. Are they a need

Ok family I’m back with another question. I have a 2x4 grow tent. I am only growing 2 plants at a time. I am at day 25 and cant complain other than it is a pain in the ass to dial in temp and humidity in these small tents. I want to know if the co2 bags are necessary. I am early in the grow and dont want it to be a problem. I am exhausting into the room. I can’t exhaust outside yet. I figured since there is 4 adults and animals we should have enough co2 in the air. 1 exhale bag is 50 dollars and last up to 6 months. I am not rich but dont want to hurt my return. Any advice will help. And thank you all for your time.

Unless your light is 500w + you won’t benefit from co2

I am running a mars hydro TSL 2000

Nope no need for co2, they’re good lights though, it should make you happy in a couple months and lookin like a good start, nice work :+1:

You would need to be growing more plants with less people in the house to get any benefit.
Not needed in your situation

CO2 is a waste of money unless you are running lights at 1,000 PPFD plus, and even then you need to tweak other grow parameters. It’s just not worth it for the average grower.

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If you think CO2 would benefit you, Raw sugar and Bakers yeast route is cheap and easy.
Get yourself a half gallon milk jug, Raw brown sugar, bakers yeast.

I been using one since I’ve began growing, I refresh it once every 7-10 days.
It’s cheap, easy and I like keeping my CO2 800-1200ppm. Does it work? Who knows.
It makes me feel better knowing my plants have plenty to breath. I too have a small tent so
any little advantage I can achieve I go for.

Like I said, does it work? Who knows, but I feel better about my grow knowing I can control
one more aspect of the plants environment.

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