Co2 any experience?

Any one have any real documented co2 experience … say to plants from same stock one co2 supplements and 1 atmospheric co2 and seen if there was any significant diff*??

There is a huge difference… now what’s your set up and can you benefit from such a device…
If your growing alot of plants it will benefit you… if your only growing a couple , then it’s not worth the trouble… :wink:


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Thanks dude yea it’s difficult tlsnce im in so. florida and I have to have an a to keep from cool so I’m constantly exchanging air Orr I’ll get well over 100deg. F. In an hour around 1 , 2 o’clock . I was messing with soda bombs and dropped when they were baby ls inside and I could seal room but now therein shed heat is problem and I don’t think it’s possible I have 12 plants in 13 square feet

that frame is for dry wall it completely closed up and exhaust is hidden you would never know it’s a 2 foot cavity with a false wall. Built with a wodden pallet I found and priced together for frame and 2 prices of drywall. 6.5x2x7’

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