Co2 and how to use ity

can i use co2 on and off with no pattern or would that shock the plants ?

It wouldn’t shock them. It also most likely won’t help them. CO2 supplementation is only necessary if you are using extreme light levels and usually a sealed environment

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CO2 will work fine so long as:

Light levels above 1,200 µmol/j/m2 or a DLI of 80. This is more than double a conventional grow.

Completely sealed/climate-controlled environment: you cannot run open ventilation and CO2. This means that heat and humidity rejection become a big deal (read that ‘expensive’). A/C will be absolutely necessary and has to be an air-to-air type rather than blowing outside (cold) air into your space. Called a ‘split’. You will need a decent dehumidifier as RH will blow up along with temps.

Finally: you have to push HIGH nutrient levels which you will never achieve in a soil grow. Typical CO2 grows utilize RDWC to be able to deliver the nutrient load to match lights.


nicely explained buddy

Gee this looks familiar lol. I seem to have written the exact wording as you haha!