Co2 and how to measure amounts

when you introduce co2 how do you measure what your putting into the air or what are the guides on how much how often ?

You have a sealed environment?

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And a LOT of lighting?

To answer your question directly - there are CO2 meters available on Amazon.

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well i could have yes but i need extraction to keep heat down
im using nft tanks so could i pump it into the roots

I could say a great deal about why you shouldn’t worry about this. If it makes you feel good to have a yeast and sugar bucket releasing some CO2, go for it. Even that will be a waste of money.

You do not need to supplement CO2 above atmospheric levels. It’s not worth it.


If you go down that rabbit hole remember: you can have a good system or a cheap system. You can’t have both. Exhale bags and similar are a waste of money. @peachfuzz uses a propane CO2 generator during veg and is very careful with it as you can suffocate if you make a mistake.

For you to take advantage of CO2, a sealed environment with heat and humidity rejection is necessary along with insane light levels. Normally done in hydro to push high nutrient levels.

If you don’t have all of the above I’d strongly suggest fine-tuning your conventional grow skills.


thankyou guys thats food for thought

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The only upside of 420ppm atmospheric CO2 is our plants are yielding better.

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I have had plenty of questions myself about co2. I have learned this much: unless your lights are super intense co2 in not going to add any measurable benefit. If the environment is not sealed the co2 will be wasted. If it is sealed and you have the lights to utilize it then heres the biggie elevated co2 levels is fatal for humans so unless willing to spend $$$$ on monitoring equipment its just dangerous for you, family and pets. Not sayin dont do it im a nobody. And if i could meet all those concerns my girls would be swimmin in co2. Just be aware of the concerns vs the benefit. Theres a country expression that the juice aint worth the squeeze. Happy growing, stay (medicated)


your a somebody buddy and ill stay clear on that note thanks guys

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and good night guys