CO2 and bloom nutes……

Is this a waste? Can I do it myself? Should I? And has anyone ever used Gaia Green Power Bloom? I think my girls are still going to need N, they’ve been consistently slight on deficient by the 2nd watering. I began light feed every other watering bc I couldn’t Keith the N up. But they are 6 days on 12/12 and starting to bloom. I have ff line, I just to do a second bloom nute on some, for experimenting w bloom…… just curious since I’m at the store….

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CO2 systems like this are completely worthless and a waste of time and money. You need very specific environmental conditions for your plant to actually utilize the extra CO2. The conditions are hard to replicate for a hobby grower. You need very intense lighting (1,200+ PPFD,) high nute levels (hydro is best,) a sealed environment in which you can also push oxygen to the roots,… Using a canister for CO2 delivery won’t generate enough CO2 to help even if you do have the proper environment.

Nitrogen is particularly important during the first few weeks of flowering as this is when the plant will undergo the most rapid growth (e.g. the “stretch.”)


Awesome! Thanks so much. 3 hrs later and I’m watered, tucked and cleaned up underneath. I’ve found 2 more boys, ever since I flipped they are coming out to party. :flushed:

So, I did half n half at half…… half grow half bloom at half strength and some adds (big bloom micros, Neptune fish and seaweed, and calmag plus with pHd h20 and unsulphured molasses.) whatcha think? I’m at zero deficiencies and pH at 6.3 this water. Day 6 of flip.

Can I keep the few extra gallons of fixed up h20 if I keep it cold? I’m watering every other day right now. Could even do every day, but I like to dry out decent. They are drinking a lot. My lights are down but this is under reg lighting so I could finish up.