CO² Setup for indoor 5x5 tent

My setup

Yes, i am bragging lol 0_o

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You are really makin some thug moves!!! I have a whole room, but I’m using a tent in there for now lol. Once I expand maybe it’ll be for veg, clones, autos or idk.

If you need any help with water filtration related stuff let me know.
Thats my trade by day

Sweet! I was seriously considering a RO system for my whole house but don’t know where to start, how much it cost, or maintenance.

I was in my spare room one day looking at the carpet and thinking about it getting wet if i had a plant and said… you know what? if i cut a 6x6 hole in my floor and build a box in it…i could grow even more weed… and here i am 0_o

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Do you have a specific reason for a whole house R.O.?

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If your not dealing with a salt intruded well or living on a private island then it is usually over kill.

Tannin (yellow color)

All of these can be dealt with with simple water filters if you use the right ones and set them up properly (And all but tannin can be dealt with without a chemical additive…they just use air as an oxidizer)

An R.O would usual only be for drinking or Growing (high dollar) crops.
that being said it comes down to how much you need (per day / at one time)
i could run a whoole house on a few inexpensive filters and use a large holding tank and keep 3 Teenage Girls supplied with Unlimited Showers (not an easy task) or i could use a huge set of filters and a smaller tank for space savings at the cost of $$$$

Mine at home cost about $350 Retail and makes 100 GPD
i can add 100GPD over and over for about $80 per R.O. Membrane + the water flow i need to keep up (usually not an issue until we start getting in to more than a few membranes)

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The water has a pretty good pH…5.8 I think last time I checked, but it seems like it’s hard. I always get mineral deposits and staining in my toilet. It’s not yellow though.

Well water or city water?

Hardness can be easily dealt with with a softener. (as long as your not on dialysis and drinking the water as they can not have the sodium ions and even then there is a potassium chloride substitute)

No more spots on toilets and dishes 0_o

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City water…you are giving me a wealth of knowledge and options right now!

Its what i did for a living for a long time and i really liked it and i have been retired for awhile and i kind of miss it. lol

Welcome from southeast Texas as well. That makes 3 that I know of now.

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How many Bathrooms do you have and whats the most people you will have staying (using water daily like holidays and such) and how much water does your garden use?
If your on city water the answer is almost always the same thing… Get a Decent Carbon filter they are not that expensive (compared to a whole house R.O. they are cheap lol)
Cheapest manual option is around $300 Highest end automatic is around $700ish if you Find a good deal ( Clack WS1 valve on a tank sized to your house)
That takes care of the Chlorine

And a Softener Would be $600 - $900 ish (again a good deal and you install)
Clack WS1 5 Button control on a tank sized to the number of bathrooms / people.

An R.O. Should run $200 - $450 Depending on the model either can run a households drinking needs and even fill fast enough to support a nice little garden.
The trick is getting a tank that can hold enough for your garden and still have what you need for drinking left over and making sure the R.O. you pick produces enough GPD for you.

On city water
1 bath 2 people moderate use = 9x48 tanks (1 CU FT)
2 Bath 3-4 people 10x48 inch tank (1 1/2 CU FT)
And up

I have 3 baths, 2 people…probably wash 6 maybe 7 loads laundry max per week. Run the dishwasher maybe 2 times a week. The garden is small for now. Only 5 plants.

Do you ever plan on using 3 Baths at one time?

No lol…but sometimes 2

unless the fixtures were made in the 70’s you use 2.4 - 4.0 GAL per fixture Per bath (call it 7)
and a CU FT can do about 7GPM MAX so i would recommend a 1 1/2 CU FT (10 x 54) Tank for both filters Making it capable of around 10.5 GPM

Buy CLACK WS1 valves if your going the automatic route (softener will always be auto but carbon has a choice)

How much do you think that will cost? I’m seriously thinking of hiring a contractor.

Is the plumbing going into your house pvc?

If it is and you can glue pipe it is something anyone can do in an hr or two

The automatic carbon Filter that size (best round guess at my whole sale price) $500 ish for a really nice one (clack ws1 10 x 54)

A little more for the softener Maybe $700 ish with all the good stuff in it.
(clack ws1 10 x 54)

A $1000 each and up is normal for an install price (i would do it myself or at least order what i want and then hire someone who knows what they are doing to put it in for a few hundred bucks (we make most of our money selling you the filter not installing or repairing it))

Clack is the best valve (controller) around (you can put just about any valve on just about any tank)
5yr manufacturer warranty BTW (and they honor it)

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