Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?


Wow, what a generous and beautiful gift from your sister @Johnzy81, it’s awesome my friend :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand: The Volcano vaporizer is simply one of the best in the market, too pricey for me but my next purchase will be the Arizer extreme Q, similar to the Volcano in use (can make balloon also) for around 200$CAD… (My vape pen just quit on me last night :hushed: :frowning: :-1:)

I will help you as much as I possibly can Johnzy…I feel for you and your little soldier…

This site can really help you to find some ressources and insurance trick…:wink:

So, I simply cannot pass the relation between your first CH crises, 2 years ago from what I understand, and your recent Crohn’s disease diagnostic…

So, maybe it’s an alimentation primarily relationship, like me, that trigger your’s…

Try to eliminate of your diet these :

Gluten, eggs, nuts and peanuts for a month and reintroduce them 1 by 1 in your diet if the CH crises have dimunish in intensity and/or frequency…

If it’s not it, do the same processus with :

Nitrites, sulfites, monosodium glutamate and products that contain pepperine and capsaïsin…

If it’s not it, do the same with :

alcool, coffee and tea, pop, fizz and other carboneted products (cola, ginger ale, etc.)

Sometimes, it’s a cross combinations of 2 or more, it can be really difficult to find, however, it’s really possible to find them, I am still working on this after 6 years… But I found most of them…:wink: So, patience and resilience is the key :wink:

Uncontrol diabete can also be a part of the triggerism mechanism…, I am not sure if insuline can play a role, idk…

And like @Myfriendis410, watch for the seasonal triggerer’s, maybe pollen too…

Be aware that pass a certain daily dosage of the different class of Triptan’s, it can have what’s called a rebound effect, a bounce back and can trigger the CH… That’s why, usually, it’s combine with pure oxygen at a debit between 12 and 15 liter per minute, sometime more… I am not entirely sure but I think that 40mg/day is the max daily recommand dosage for Sumatriptan , it differ from each class of Triptan’s… Zolmitriptan ODT, what I actually use, it’s 20mg/day max, pass that I have the rebound effects…

Unfortunately, oxygen doesn’t work for me… That’s essentialy why I turn to cannabis instead of Fentanyl or cranial operation to put electrodes (like a pacemaker) in the center of my brain, at the base of the hippocampal or/and at the Arnold’s nerve…

Thanks for the kind word and toughts and prayers, I was recently diagnose with bladder cancer, at least it’s at stage 0 (95%+ survival at this stage), they are really appreciated and take them all :wink::innocent:

I have to go to the lab now, do not hesitate to tag me my friend :grinning:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thank you very much @Niala the support I have received from you and so many others was very emotional for my whole family, both me and my Sister are going to make sure that try our best to fine our triggers and a complete understanding of what we can or can’t have and what medical marijuana will work for us both, again thank you :v:️.


You’re welcome, if you need me for advises, suggestions or simply want moral support, do not hesitate to tag me, I will respond as soon as possible, @Johnzy81 :grinning::wink::innocent::v:


Hey mate hope you is well my friend, @Niala my little soldier has been down for the last 4 day’s both me and my Sister are trying to help but I know there’s only so little we can do, if you please have any information that I could look into for a 6 year old little lad, if there is anything you can come back to us with we would be so grateful thanks in advance my friend :v:️. Our any of our fellow growers also please we would also appreciate your input immensely.



I just came back from a nasty 3 days of crises… All is well today :slight_smile:… Thanks for asking, mate :slight_smile:

For your little soldier, did you tried oxygen at 12 to 15 liter / minute ? Can do miracle for some…!

Injection of sumatriptan, Imitrex, can work too, but for a 6 years old soldier, the dosage must be adjust to his weight, doctor’s and pharmacist’s can help you more than me here.

Try to pass, you and your little soldier, allergies/intolerance tests to help you find the triggerer’s, like I previously mentioned, it can be alimentary or environnementaly related, something you eat, pollen, weather, light, sound or a any combinations of those…

Make a list of everything he as ate and drank the last 48 hours before the crises have begun.

Be there for him, support him and do the necessary to help him as much as you can… By seeing the support and efforts, it will ease the pain a little, make it more supportable for him to see actions…

I will pray for you all, be God help you in your research…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thank you my friend he has been down for 4 days now maybe more I’m losing myself a little, @Niala he was prescribed Sumatripan 10mg nasel spray but now they are trying a pill called Pizotifen 10mg if there is anything you might now about this from someone that may have taken it before :v:️. @Niala meet @libertine066 this is a family member with our passion for growing and helping other people to try make this world a better place.



Pizotifen is used to prevent migraine headaches. It is not used to treat headaches once they have started. It is not known exactly how this medication works, but it is thought to affect chemicals, called neurotransmitters, in the brain. It may take up to 4 weeks for the medication to have its maximum effect.

If you’re living in the US a new drug was approved recently, it’s Aimovig. Aimovig is the first FDA-approved preventive migraine treatment in a new class of drugs that work by blocking the activity of calcitonin gene-related peptide, or CGRP, a little like the Verapamil action, it’s a monthly injection and suppose to work on some episodic CH form sufferer’s…

I will try it when it will be disponible in a year or two, here, in Canada but I have the chronic form of CH and it’s likely to not be covered by the public system…

They are other molecules in the phase of testing, maybe you and your little soldier could find a study in your area, but it’s usually a double blind study, so, there’s no way you can know if you received the real medication or a placebo.

And Hi @libertine066, I am glad to meet you :grinning::+1::wink::innocent:… It’s always a pleasure to meet good poeple who really cares for poeple and try to help in there capabilities :grinning::innocent: I am more present on the Bergman’s lab since I am a volunteer grow mentor there but take a dip time to time here, on the public forum to chat and help as much as I can…

So, welcome to ILGM forum a little late :grinning::wink: You’ll find great poeple here too that are willing to share their experience’s and knowledges…

If you need me for anything, just tag me here or on your grow journal and I will respond as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Hi @Niala what to thank for that very warm welcome thank u :blush: also what to thank u for all the help and info plus being there for John that is really greatfully appreciate I’m looking forward to getting to meet good people like urself and if there is anything I can also ever help you just tag me and thanks for help with lil soldiers :wink: chat again bud cheers :v:



I am looking forward with great pleasure the chance to chat with you again in a near futur :grinning::+1::wink:

And you’re very welcome, it’s always a pleasure to help fellow grower’s and CH sufferer’s…:innocent:

I always try to do my best with God’s gift…:wink::innocent:

Cheers… I have to go do some grocery… See ya :wink:

~Al :v: :innocent:


For me, it works incredibly. I love MK Ultra for getting rid of my instant migrenes.


Thank you for sharing that with us it will be tried for sure. :v:️.