Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?


Sorry to hear that CB I hope things get better soon for you, I have falling behind a bit on keeping up on all the great things that our fellow growers are getting up to and having great fun doing so, I thank God on days like this that I found this site and a great people that are part of it, the support I have got in the past couple of months with our great community of cannabis growers, with everything from plant care to personal health care has really started to help me realise that I am not alone with some off these things and other’s are still willing to help out, it has been a long 36 hours for me CB and it my son’s birthday day on a happier note so il enjoy my time with him today thanks mate :v:️.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 to have hold down the fort, lol, thanks a lot my friends :grinning::+1::ok_hand:

Hi @Johnzy81, CH are no joke and I deeply sympatize and empatize with you , I feel you…

You know, since you have read all the replies on my topic, that I understand you very well and if I can help anyone who are suffering with this plague, well, the topic as reach in part it’s goal…

I am more present now in the Bergman’s lab since I have some responsability there than here but try to respond as many tag that I can on this side when I judge it’s necessary, and you definitely fall in that categorie :wink:

The first thing that you and only you can do it’s find things that trigger them and avoïd them at all cost…

For example, me I have numberous triggerer’s. Nitrites and sulfites contain in delicatessen and wine for example, are major player’s. It comes with a price tag, Literally as well as figuratively…

Literally because nitrites and sulfites are every where… Not only in delicatessen and wine, it’s a wildly spread preservative, and I have to buy bio or new products that doesn’t contain them, the two alternatives are much more costly than regular products… Figuratively, well, I will pay the price for sure, 4 to 6 hours later… lol :wink: :innocent:

Strong light and sound could trigger them, pepperine in pepper or other hot spice that contain it or high in the scoville graph capsaïsin, like Habanero pepper… Cigarettes smoke if the place is satured, moonshine and other strong alcool, beer if I abuse…

So, knowledge is a key because treatement are more effective when you find your personnal triggerer’s… I strongly suggest and advise you to find what’s your’s if it’s not already done… And find a family doctor or/and a neurologist who knows what CH is…:wink:

I think I have to remembering you that I am not a doctor and I am closely monitor by professionnels and these are my personnal experience’s with cannabis and other pharmaceutical and does not involve ILGM or Bergman’s lab (little disclaimer, lol)… That said…

Almost all Sativa dominant strains, more precisely, very high CDB Sativa strains works best for me in vaping…, no combustion, no joint, no pipes, no bongs, only vaporizing is working to some point for me. And when I said very high in CBD, I mean at least a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD or higher ratio in favor of CBD. I can even mix a high THC Sativa strain with a CBD dominant one to achieved a 1:1 ratio, example, I was surprise with the mix of 20mg/ml oral consumption CBD oil with DNA genetics™ Skywalker Kush #1 grown by Tweed™ at 23% of THC in vaping… But had a mild migraine as soon as the Skywalker Kush get down… I don’t know why, but all Kush strains have a tendency to this to me, even trigger the CH with some Indica dominant strains Kush, go figure, I suspect some terpenoids present on the Kush family, but it’s just a hunch…

CBD MediHaze a 1:2 ratio in favor of CBD (4THC/9CBD for this batch) is my principal tool for daytime with oral 1:1.5 THC/CBD oil (10THC/15CBD) when I am in crises in combination with Prednisone and I have around 40% of relief, it’s not miraculous and still is invalidating, let’s say it’s similar to a very nasty and strong migraine but for me, it save my life and gave me some hope…

For nightime, I presently mix Nordle (5THC/8CBD) with the Skywalker previously mentioned and the oil in oral consumption, the same as the daylight the 10/15 one with zolmitriptan ODT (fast disolution and action)

I took daily the 20mg/ml as a neuroprotective and hope that it will help in prevention… I begin to see some improvement in the frequency of them, they’re less predictable than before, I even have few months, here and there, that I was free of them since I began to use this regimen…

So, please, do not let desperation overwhelme you, there’s hope my friend and may God help you in the search of the triggerer’s, family doctor and neurologist… You’ll be in my toughts and prayers Johnzy, I send you postive vibes too…

Don’t hesitate to tag me here if you need me or only for talking, I will be right at you as soon as possible in my new limitations…

Your friend and brother fellow grower…

~Al :v: :innocent:

P.s. Verapamil in prevention and some class of Triptan and pure oxygen at 12 to 15 liter/minute for the crises are the more common basic treatement for CH.


Thank you all so much for all off your overwhelming support @garrigan65 @Niala I too could feel how deep and true both of yours kind words again thank you all. My story is a very long one and I would love to share it with you all which I am going to do as I take this road to getting some more understanding to the whole CH nightmare that we have to try and live with, there is a second part to my motivation also my 7 years old nephew was just diagnosed with CH after months of tests and the whole sinus thing been talked about for way to long for this little soldier of mine and now eventually a full diagnosis of Cluster Headaches and he is also going through crisis and has been for the past six months at he’s age he is prescribed Imigrain nasal spray 10mg which is Sumatriptan 10mg. His parents are so afraid to even have to think about having to medicate the child with this. Folk’s I’m not going to put myself just at the minute and I will definitely coming back to finish my story and @Niala with God’s help I will start to find those triggers with your help my friend if that is not to much to ask, and fellow friends off the greatest passion on earth with the power very soon to be able to help people all over the world with any advice on this most disabling chronic pain called CH( cluster headaches) please and like we always do as a community Learning from each other and even maybe dead people in the health service to understand exactly what we are going through :v::pray: :v:


Well said, Al. My trigger is mainly seasonal but especially January thru April.


Folk’s just a little more about myself maybe someone can relate to some of this. As well as having the having cluster headaches I am also a type 1 diabetic for the past 15 years and in the last two years true and episode cause cluster headaches I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease just last summer from a crisis I lost almost 4 stone in weight in just 12 weeks it was a very worrying time my headaches had never lasted this long before I must also mention I was in a road traffic accident start in 1994 where I was hit by a car while cycling my bicycle and substantially suffered a fracture to the left side of my skull and lost my hearing in my left ear so @Niala I have alot to put in order but I am determined to get the help that is needed for people suffering this debilitating horrible thing now known as cluster headaches CH.


Hey @Myfriendis410 hope you are start to get a reprieve I was quite worried when I read your post the other evening I’m sorry to hear what you have been through but I do understand what you are feeling keep well mate :v:️.


That would do it! I tried to kill myself by starvation, which is the proximate cause of mine. You can’t lose 60 pounds in 6 weeks without consequences, apparently.


No it has really got me I haven’t been going or doing anything since that’s really getting to me I was always get up and go I don’t seem to have it like that anymore, but I know who I am I can do this… And you too @Myfriendis410 :100:


@Niala I know you are a busy person my friend so if you can fine time to read these posts my current pharmaceutical prescribed dosage is 2×20mg off Sumatripan nasal spray that is twice a day if I can make it last, my doctor tells me that I had to take more than anyone he his ever heard of I do have an upcoming neurologist appointment I have been waiting a year for this ridiculous also. @Myfriendis410 did you have a bad experience with Topamax.?


@Johnzy81 @Myfriendis410

I’m staying posted to this thread and i’m going to do my best to help both of you… I know hemp oil and other cannabis oils do wonder’s for people every day. It’s a proven fact ! I believe it’s finding the correct strain to make oil from. I have a Rosineer press to make oil from cannabis.


@garrigan65 i sat with my parents and Sister today and for the first time I was able to not just show them the undisputed facts that are cluster headaches but for them to be able to read some real life story’s really brought it home for them thank you with all off my heart for that Sir, my Sister and husband will be part off our community in the morning which I am delighted with my sister was also overwhelmed by the support that I was been shown she was so impressed and she understands that these are only our opinion and experiences that no one is been or has been in anyway considered any advice given in any other way than simple opinions off life heartache :100: :+1: :100:



WOW… I’m so happy for you, because having support like that means so mush for you that it seems like half the battle has been won…CHEER’S FOR YOU thumb


It’s given us hope and we all back here thank you for that @garrigan65, is it ok if I call you Will :v:️.?


Please do !


Thank you Will our friend :family_man_woman_boy:.


Check this out for starts…i’m reading it as we type


Check this one out… i’m on it…lol


I have learnt so much in the last 24 hours than I have in years off I and out of hospitals when you see it in some much detail and been able to relate to so much off it and there is so very little understanding about it it’s just worng nice one Will mate :v:️.


My Sister just surprised me loving it and her right now



What a great gift @Johnzy81! Thank you Will for the information and for your concern.

For me I have to believe that I don’t deserve this. Kinda tough sometimes.