Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?


Just remember to start small. 3 small dried caps, about the size of a quarter or smaller, gave me the effects of smoking a primo fatty for about 8hrs.

If the dose isn’t effective, too little/too much, adjust the dosage either way until you find what works for you.

I saw a news report on it several years ago. The man tried everything with no positive results. He doesn’t like to trip, but says that two sessions a year is worth the relief it brings him.

We all have different body chemistry, so I can’t say it WILL work for anyone else, but it’s worth trying. I haven’t had an episode in many years.

Cluster headaches = total misery…


Wow! I’d never heard of an overdose of them, but that rings true with different body chemistry.

I’ve always wanted to try peyote, but haven’t ever been able to come across any. Not so sure I would try driving like that though! LMAO



Ôôôô yeah, I went from a prosper and fructyful guy to a total loss and bankrupsy in 5 years and have been declare invalid by the state, so… I perfectly understand that :wink:


Yep. It shocked all of our crowd back then also. Like you said everyone’s body chemistry is different so I always recommend baby steps when trying something new :+1:
And we took the peyote for the “speed” affect and it kinda backfired on us :crazy_face: But we were young and stupid and just wanted to get home after training at Fort Sam.


Sorry, I have pass my 4 hours limit on this site, see ya later :sunglasses: :v: :innocent:


i’ve heard of melatonin,in fact AR outlawed happy cakes that contained it…
if it makes you feel better our gov does not want you to have…
unless they are making billions and putting it in their pocket…


I can believe what I have just read on this thread. I too am a CH sufferer and am just coming out of an episode it took me so long to read this only because off how much it was affecting me emotionally hearing what you are going through what we are going through together I should say. I can feel you all and in everything that all off you have have been and are feeling these horrible things @Niala @Myfriendis410 I really wish you all well and we can only hope that they let us have what work’s for us. After a hospital visit last summer because of cluster migraine and ended up been treated like I was a piece of dirt an inconvenience on everyone a horrible feeling to have with the pain I was feeling so I am now on a mission in life to help myself in any way possible keep safe fellow growers :v:️.


I wish there were a simple answer to clusters. I’ve tried everything and I know with an intimacy I’m uncomfortable with that it’s called the suicide headache.

The only thing that worked for me was a large dose of dexamethasone.


It’s just the lack of understanding off medical staff not having the right training our compassion to help people with cluster headaches trying to even get them to understand what pain we are actually going through my son was born at this very moment 17 years ago mad ha sorry I just spotted the time.


@garrigan65, can you please help me out here just a little I have and am currently having a horrible time with (CH) Cluster Headaches, I have just learnt that I can just from today apply to Chronic Pain Clinic were I am from that can now be treated with Medicinal Marijuana I am hoping this will be the answer for some of what I am looking for and that is PAIN relief a better quality of life. What I am asking is can you or any of our followers have any advice on how this process might work and what to what it might be like getting it going. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Myfriendis410 @Niala @BIGE, any help here would mean so so much and on my son’s birthday


@garrigan65, I will be receiving my paper work to fill, can I get some advice on what might be expected of me, anything the might help please Sir.



You can also try this…

About the Marijuana for Cluster Headaches is near the bottom.


You know i’m thinking you could get some cannabis oil. That stuff works wonders. I would look into that also.


Thank you so much it feels so great to have hope they say it will be given either in a, drop on the tongue form, Vaporizing, or in a hold Drink. Thanks for the links I will read everything now much appreciated my friend :v:️.



Hey, I feel for ya brother. When I was growing up we couldn’t play at my friends house because his mom had Migrain Headaches all the time and I remember seeing her cry…wow talk about messed up…
So I know pretty much on what your going through.
And if I find out anything else I will pass it over to ya

Your Friend



here is what I was talking about John…


Thank you so much @garrigan65 Sir, I’m a little overwhelm at the moment but God bless you Will I can’t find word’s sometimes but I know you definitely get what I’m trying to say :pray:.


Yes I do sir and I want you better…period !



Sorry @Johnzy81 was having login issues but fix it now
thanks for the great info @garrigan65
ive been getting migraines and have been doing some research on how to control I believe my issue is related to my discs in my neck so im still treating the inflammation with coconut infused oil using it as a topical and eating canna caps of it to help with the pain
@Niala suffers from the cluster headaches as well and should be able to add a few good points if he’s around