Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?


@Myfriendis410 both my Dad and my brother suffered from clusters. And both had to restrain from all alcohol during them. Something Dad got a little relief from was ice packs on the back of his neck. With my migraines I need dark, quiet and moist heat packs on my eyes. I’m so sorry about you having those. :hugs:


Thanks! I’ve tried everything including oxygen. Just have to get through them. They’re distinctly seasonal which fits the diagnosis.

Trying some White Widow in anticipation of another one tonight. I’ll see if it helps.


Yep. Barometric pressure will affect my migraines … along with my old bones :rofl: I will say that my WW has helped :+1:


MAN I’m high haha! That WW is killer!


Awesome :grimacing: I’m 4 months in with curing and can tell a big difference from the first I smoked after harvest. I’m happy it’s helping you :hugs:


mine come on with barometric pressure as well @SmoknGranny @Myfriendis410, if i go into or out of the hills to quickly…
large storms does it too…
i have never flown but i would imagine that would be absolute agony!


For me, @BIGE @SmoknGranny @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @Fairieswear8oots @Joenice , barometric pressure doesn’t “trigger” my CH, but definitely worsen them…


Mine sorta follow the seasons but are offset somewhat from the normal spring and fall when most clusters occur. Eye fatigue seems to make it worse. My eye being already damaged by clusters doesn’t help.


Many years ago our family doctor said that cluster headaches were more “male” oriented and ran in family lines. I don’t know what current thoughts on that is. That same doctor said my migraines were “hormone” related and I would outgrow them. I’m sorry, but I think he was wrong as I’m past menopause and I’m still getting them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and they can last for three days or better. I’ve taken OTC & prescription meds. Excedrin taken at first twinge has slowed my migraines down but doesn’t stop them. I have noticed that WW has helped me more than anything else. Now that I have thought back I do remember that I had less headaches when I was smoking in the 70’s & 80’s. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Niala I’m not even sure what causes mine. I’ve experimented with my diet some with out much results. The weather is another variable, but we don’t get many storms or pressure swings. Just rain all of the time.


Footnote :slightly_smiling_face:. I have noticed that since I started using Melatonin that I have less migraines. Since I’m not real adept at adding links via my phone :slightly_frowning_face: try searching “melatonin and migraines” as one study indicates that 3mg has shown improvement for some.


Thanks @SmoknGranny, you just remind me that I have to renew my supply of 10 mg melatonine, it works in synergy with the endocannabinoid system and by the matter of fact, weed :wink::grinning::+1::ok_hand:

Thanks again dear Granny :grinning::wink::+1::ok_hand::v:


@Niala I discontinued all vitamins and supplements 5 days ago and have not had a cluster the last 4 nights. Interesting.


You’re very welcome @Niala I started using 3mg but have found that 10mg and a bowl of WW before bedtime is helping me more.


Interesting @Myfriendis410, I do take multiples vitamins…, do you were taking the strong or regular type ?


That’s wonderful news @Myfriendis410 I just wanted to share about the melatonin as another option for folks to try :blush:


Yeah, that’s my believe too @SmoknGranny, when I have crises, I combine the melatonine and a high CBD indica dominant strain and able me to sleep a little during them :wink::innocent:


Awesome when we find something that helps :+1: and doesn’t conflict with other meds We haven’t had Health insurance for over 4 years so other than Omeprazole I don’t take many meds. I never used all the Vicodin I was prescribed when I crushed my lower vertebra & will only use a half when I can’t control my pain any other way. I’m not a fan of prescription drugs since I was a kid and saw my mother hooked on them.



I follow you dear Granny, I was suggest to go with Fentanyl to treat my CH by some… It’s a no no for me… lol :wink: :innocent: :v:

One thing I am considering is “magic mushroom” or peyote mushroom, suppose to work on CH but I am afraid of the halocigenic effect… One of my dear friend here, @FloridaSon suggest it to me and I have confidence on him :grinning::innocent: I may try micro dosage :wink::grinning:, (thanks buddy :grinning: :+1: :innocent:)


I actually have a peyote cactus growing in my kitchen :rofl: but have no plans for ingesting any. I remember taking a pinch of peyote in the early 70’s trying to drive from Texas to Florida. Yep, I got lost :grimacing: but the street lights were beautiful!!! I’m not a fan of mushrooms due to taste and losing a friend who overdosed on them. I’m such a lightweight that a little goes a long way with me. The problem with shrooms & peyote is the dosage amount will vary from one extreme to another.