Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?


Thank you! There is a real community here. I attribute the gentle supportive attitudes of everyone here to the moderators who keep it civil when necessary. Now it’s more a gentle nudge because everyone here is part of the family. Anonymity will probably never allow any of us to meet but we mostly share the same desires and love this hobby and lifestyle.

I’m continually gobsmacked when I look at my stock of weed and see POUNDS of top shelf bud! My teenage self would crap his pants lol.

We all have stories and baggage. The older you get the more introspective you get. My happiness is attenuated by everything that went before. Time heals. Some.


You said that very well. I don’t think I can say it any better.
That is too funny what you said about your teenage self! I’ve seen the quality of your stuff it’s amazing. I know that if I could go back in time and show myself what I do now I would probably flip out that I was just growing let alone the quality you get.
Keep up the good work. And thanks for posting. I’ll always keep checking in on your post. You know your stuff.


I’m out of likes for 9 hours apparently hahaha so here’s a thumbs up and a “tree”.


Dude! I stuck seeds in the ground a year ago in November for the first time! So I’m not far ahead of you or anyone else who is new to this. I am trying to return the favor of all of the mentoring that got me where I am now. I’m definitely no expert. Just an interested and moderately intelligent old guy who wants to grow weed. My wife would say I’m only “semi old” lol.


Just a little update @Joenice,

For me, i take 50 mg of Prednisone (a cortico-steroid) plus strains that work the best (for me) are sativa dominant 1:1 ratio and 1:3 ratio of THC:CBD vaporized buds (CBD Skunk Haze, CBD MediHaze) and 8 ml (= 1 gram bud) of hybrid oil 2:3 ratio (10THC/15CBD) for the crises and 2ml of 20:1 CBD oil in daily take 2 times a day in prevention…

That’s not miraculous, but help me to manage them…, I have a 30 to 40 % of relief…

Alcool, espacelly wine and liquors, tend, for me, to trigger the CH crises… Beer, if at first, is getting some relief, quickly make the opposite if I am not keeping drinking to the point that’s not healthy to do so and even worsen the crises the days that follow the abuse… So, it’s clearly not a good thing to do, for me…

Also are triggering the crises for me are : nitrites and sulfites, too much sodium and too much pepper and hot pepper (those who contain Piperine, not those with capsaïsin)

Cannabis is not working for every one alike, so, this is what’s working for me and what are the triggerer, for me… I am not a doctor and I am not making any prescription or dosage…

Please, talk about your CH to a family doctor and/or a neurologist that knows what CH are about and I wish you gone a find what trigger them and find some kind of relief…

Triptan, oxygenotherapy and cortico-steroid are the usual treatement for the crises and Verapamil in prevention… For me, oxygen do not work and by trial and error, I manage to replace the Triptan and Verapamil by medical cannabis… And every thing is under the supervision of my family doctor and my neurologist…

I will pray and send you positive vibes, Joe, hope you’ll find what you will need and wish you good luck…

~Al :v: :innocent:


I would add that doctors are prone to prescribing anti seizure meds like Topamax and they are a BITCH to wean off of. I was given samples of a timed release version called Trokendi for years before I finally got off of them.

There are many potential triggers as Al pointed out; nicotine, alcohol, fragrances, nitrites, for me I saw a correlation between multi vitamins and my cluster episodes. My wife pokes them down me and I had to discontinue the multi and the calcium because of it. Cannabis doesn’t help me with clusters.


Yeah, they also can prescribe lithium as an antidepressant and for suicidal management… And also fentanyl…


Love the feedback from all you guys! It gives me relief I am not alone and not the only one experiencing these headaches. I was able to minimize last nights episode by massaging my temple and around my right eye. Was able to sleep well without any drugs or alcohol.

I am a heavy drinker and can go on a drinking spree that is unhealthy. During that moment I do not experience any headaches besides the normal hangover headache from time to time. I havent laid off of alcohol longer than 4 to 5 days because that is normally when I get the Cluster Headaches. Drinking is the only way i’ve found to not experience the headaches. I do see that it is a problem and would like to find different solutions to this.

I plan to see a doctor soon. I have told friends and family but i feel that they think i’m exaggerating on it. My coworkers have seen me when i get cluster headaches and noticed how different i am and how my patience is practically gone. I work in retail so its not good and hate when i get them while i work.

Cannabis is something i dont do often. Usually do it only when i hang out with friends who do it. Last time i used cannabis was about 3-4 months ago. I tend to favor sativa more as it makes me function correctly throughout the day. Personally havent tried cannabis on its own. I’ve mixed it with alcohol majority of the time. I will give it a try soon.

Again, thanks guys. I like this community

Much love,


I left this part out, I take pain relievers when it gets really bad while im working. They are called Pain Aid and will post pictures of them soon. Well, can we post pictures on here? lol


Yes you can post pictures and links here as long as it’s not a competitor seeds banks or a competitor of amazon or deelzer, @Joenice


If I didn’t say before, my bad, welcome. As you can see there are very knowledgeable, cool, down to earth and sympathetic people. You won’t regret joining this forum. At least I don’t😉 it’s different than any other one I’ve ever read online. I was so impressed I had to join. You get a mix of everything on here. It’s really cool. tons of information from growing, recipes, what music people are listen to, to people talking about what is ailing them or what hurts that specific day. And as you can see not everything revolves around marijuana as @Niala wrote about different options and ideas. Anyway I’m rambling. Welcome and I look forward to seeing you around.


Oh yeah. I seen some of your stuff on here. You grow some pretty impressive things. If you aren’t that far ahead of me, as you say, then you give me hope. Hahaha but I have a feeling you have a knack for this.
Hope all is going well with you. Have a good evening.


You too, brother.


@Niala my clusters have returned. Had one every night this week. Only a 7 on the pain scale so not too bad yet. My left eye though is almost blind.


sorry to hear this @Myfriendis410 i hope you get to feeling better…


Sorry @Myfriendis410 I don’t have the cluster form, but the migraines. Terrible. Another factor helps me is ginseng and caffeine. Hope you feel better soon.


@Covertgrower thanks both of you. I’ve been cooped up in the house all week and I seriously wonder if I needed some sunlight. So, I’m spending the afternoon out on the patio listening to the pond and toking on some Jack Herer.


I always need sunglasses with a migraine. Feels like the sun is burning into my skull through my eyes. I hope that JH helps you, I have those beans for migraines which I can’t start yet. @Myfriendis410


Ô shit, sorry to ear that @Myfriendis410, I know how dangerous it is for you, it’s life treatning , do you get your cortico-steroid my friend ? :hushed::frowning:

I am worry buddy, take care of you and I will pray for you Alan :pray::innocent:


@Niala thanks Al, and yes I do have it but unless the pain gets to 15 on a scale of 10 will I take it.