Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?


@Loneviking, SourTsunami is interesting and i will put it in my bucket list, thanks for sharing your experience, it’s really appreciated :+1: :ok_hand:

My bucket list also have in it : AC/DC, Cannatonic and Charlotte Web’s…

I will have hard choice to make :wink::grinning: It will take me a bigger space to grow :wink::sweat_smile:


@niala thank your for sharing. I’ll end up ordering amnesia haze for sure, it’s all I hear about for migraines. Chocolope too. So I’ll order some beans from ILGM in the next few weeks. I did a lot of reading before ordering seeds, and the GSC, WW were top on the list for that too.
Now as far as delivery if I reduce the CBD rich mixture into a wax, I could eat some of the wax? Do you put yours in pills? (Probably wouldn’t taste good) or is vaping flower enough to get the CBD?


@Covertgrower I’m not equip to make rosin (wax), it’s also in my bucket list to have a dab press :wink: And I don’t know if you can eat rosin ? Maybe, @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster or other members have try it and give you some insight ! ? I am curious to know too :wink::innocent:

I am not interested in product that use volatils in the processus of making them. Even self made product…, to dangerous to make or to consume or eat up, imo, :hushed::skull::boom::fire::wink:

If temperature of the vaping delivery system is set accordingly to the CBD vaporizing point, it’s enough, for me at least.

I do canna-butter and canna-oil to make edibles, but, for now, only have done very tiny small batch with the Tweed strains since I cannot afford it. I am on disability since 5 years, so money is a big obstacle for my project and needs.

However, I did transform half of my Chocolope and AK-47 harvest into canna-butter and canna-oil. And use them in all kind of recipe I can imagine… More or less depend on my needs.

@Willd have gave us tips and a great way to make canna-capsules , I did not have try it yet, but intend to try it sooner than later, here’s the link to his topic, it’s very easy to follow. :wink::grinning:

Or @kabongster one, very easy to follow too


Hi Guys, I’m from Chile with this fkn CH, right know in a cycle , Triptans and oxygen works form me… but I don’t won’t to take more pills… a lots of them to prevent or to reduce the amount of daily attacks ( form 3 to 1) … I smoke weed and doesnt produce attacks… but I haven’t tried it to stop and attack… Its so painful that I prefer to go safe with my oxygen… Would you recommend me to try it during and attack? I have no access to oil … just vaporize herb… It could be great to replace pills with weed to prevent and stop CH during the cycles…

good luck to all of you.



Hi Cris, I empatizing with you, CH are a pain in the a#$… I know for facts…
I was hospitalize more than my part…

Those are in fact causing me major depression (most of the time for that reason) with suicidal thought… Simply too much pain…

This last year I have try cannabis with some success, little victory that gave me hope, however, maybe too much hope…

I’m sorry for the long statement, but it’s necessary to the whole comprehension…

Like you can read on this topic, some strain that I try had more or less been effective.

To make it short, Chocolope strain from ILGM was the most effective for me… In a vaporize session in the beginning of crises and in 20 mg/portion of home made edibles when the typical pre-crises symptômes, but, be advise, that’s for my personnal situation and it’s not in anyway a prescription for cluster headaches, and in combination of daily taking 1 ml of 20 mg/ml of CBD oil orally.

I am not a doctor and I don’t wish to be consider as so. It’s my personnal experience’s and my own only and does not involved ILGM in anyway.

It gave me around 30% of relief , however, I must combine with it with 50 mg of Prednisone and 5 mg of Zolmitriptan ODT, every 4 hours…

My crises last for around 4 hours , a break for around 1 hour, and it goes around like this for around 72 hours, +/- 12 hours, every 2 weeks…

It’s a nightmare I am living for 6 years now at that pace…

I discover recently that vaping a 1:1 ratio of CBD / THC is more effective, 10 % more of relief, so around 40%… It’s not miraculous but it’s were I am…

And for my personnal experience’s, stay away from only THC oil in combination with only CBD oil in combination of zolmitriptan and antidepressant, it was not good for me, I end up at the hospital. That do not mean it will happen to you, just sharing my personnal experience’s… :wink: :innocent:

And by the way, the strains CBD MediHaze and Penelope, both 1:1 and 1.5:1 are working for me but not disponible here for growing.

Hope that’s gone a help you @Cris, do not hesitate if you have further questions…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thanks for your comments! Here cannabis is ilegal… so the only way is to by seeds… i will try with the strains that I have now and I will post my experience. I’m agree with you that every person is different and response in different ways to THC:CBD. Be aware with the amount of triptans that you use… my neurologisy hihgly recommend me to use it in case only if the oxygen doesnt work. Thats why I’m looking for cannabis to replace triptans, because they could turn adictive and that mean more CH episodes…
Yesterday was a terrible day, I’m 38 years old , and I was in my bed crying with oxygen with a huge tank… and my two little girls looking at me…I dont want my daughters to see me like this.

Thanks for share your experience!



@Niala I had my first (mild) cluster in 2 years while visiting relatives last week. Scared the crap out of me.

My doctor said that if I have another CH episode it will likely kill me.


I wish you to be CH free my friend , even if CH it self can not directly cause death, suicidal thought can lead to it… The pain is so strong that it can lead to it just because it’s unbearable and has to be stop…

I know, I was hospitalize last month to protect my self… That’s why it’s important to know the beast and listen carefuly to your inner gut… And do not hesitate to go to the hospital…

I made a pour choice by trying to much high dosage in THC 30 ml/ml and that’s send me wright trought a suicidal psychosis… The combination of zolmitriptan ODT and antidepressant and CBD oil is a bad cocktail when combine with high THC… It took a few weeks to wash my system…

So, @Myfriendis410, find what’s trigger them, for me, too much nitrites and sulfites, that are found almost in anything, from delicatessen to wine and process food… Strong lights, like sun or camera flashes can trigger them too… Like I said, knowing the beast is the key…

I am yet to find something that will completly stop them… That’s my only wish for the new year… :pray::innocent:

I will pray for you my friend, that the beast will let you alone…

~Al :v: :innocent:


I had a stroke caused by the CH. It can kill you directly.


You are partialy right @Myfriendis410

The common reason of strokes are known :

being overweight
being aged 55 years or older
a personal or family history of stroke
an inactive lifestyle
a tendency to drink heavily, smoke, or use illicit drugs

So, since you have already done one, if I am not mistaken, you are more suceptible to do another.

CH does not clog blood vessels and since you’re are likely taking blood tinner, the side effects of CH (high level of stress, hypertension, etc.) will likely be very dangerous for you…

CH is an inflamation of the tri-gemini nerves and sometime cause by an hypertrophy of the hypothalamus, roots of the tri-gemini nerves (very rare) were it can compress the nerves, so, in the actual science knowledge, CH itself doesn’t cause stroke but likely the side effects of it if you’re susceptible to do some.

Here’s a very interesting link on strokes, it’s very informative… I hope you gone a like it :innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:


I do have hypertension for which I’m being treated, over 55, fairly fit lifestyle, no family issues with stroke, don’t drink heavily, don’t smoke any more and use cannabis.

This was unusual in that the CH pinched off numerous blood vessels in my frontal lobe to the extent that I killed those areas. High doses of steroids broke the cycle. I have the prescription in the cupboard waiting for the day.


Ô did’nt understand that you have suffer such extensive damage, @Myfriendis410 … It’s sad… No surprise you fear them…

Luckly for you, if I can use luck in the same sentence as CH, lol :wink:
Prednisone is working for you for stopping them (cortico-stéroïds)…

Since nothing seems to work for stopping them for me, I will probably reseign my self to be a guinea pig for intra cranian surgery that doesn’t garanty succes and is at high risk for me to stay on the table… but I am not ready yet for that… may be I am too stubborn… . lol :wink: :innocent:


I recovered fairly well: just a lazy eye from the damage to my optic nerve.


Hey guys, after dealing with what I thought was migraines, using google as my adviser pointed to the fact that I was dealing with cluster headaches. It is a new realm to me. I see you guys haven’t posted in months. Any update on diagnosing?

Little about my episodes. I’ve had them happen about once a year or sometimes longer than that. Never really thought it was an issue until recently. Now I have them weekly depending how long I stay away from the booze. While I’m drinking it doesn’t effect me at all. It is until 3-4 days after not drinking I get these massive cluster headaches. I see why they are nicknamed suicide headaches. I’m in the middle of an episode and tempted to end this by starting to drink lol

Much love,


@Joenice how long since you’ve had a drink?
Detoxing alone can be very dangerous for some.
I’ve smoked since 14 BUT I’ve been sober from
Alcohol for 10+ years, I’m in my 50s.
Btw I also get cluster headaches.


I get cluster headaches and I do find medicinal marijuana helps. Different strains do different things for everybody so the best thing you can do is try to get your hands on a few different kinds of marijuana and see what works for you. I hope it works out for you. Take care and good luck.


@Niala knows a bit about clusters. I too have suffered with them for the last few years. The whole blowtorch over the left side of the scalp and left eye being pushed out of your head. It’s no joke and some of us have lifelong consequences from this. I had a series of strokes and one of them was in the optic nerve of my eye. I’ve lost part of my vision and my eyelid droops. Mine have come back in a small way and I have been medicating with cannabis. I’ve tried all of the recognized techniques including oxygen and nothing really attenuates it. I have a prescription of high powered steroids to be taken in the event of another bad episode. That is the only thing that broke the cycle for me: basically shrinks your brain.

You know you have a bad one when you lose your bladder and sphincter control…


I’m sorry to hear that. That stinks. I know exactly how you feel. Your description was spot-on. Like I tell my doctors if it’s doesn’t feel like my eyes popping out of my head from behind then it feels like somebody’s taking a long red hot needle and pushing it through my eye from the top down. Cluster headaches and no joke they suck. I wish I could help you guys. Just know you’re not alone and sometimes that helps a little. But I realize when you’re in the throes of one of those not much can really help.
Take care all. I wish you all a headache free future. If only if it was that easy right? Take care


I did it to myself: lost 55 pounds in six weeks and nearly died. Nothing physical: I was experiencing grief and an existential crisis. Never resolved and I just have to live with it. It adds to the stress and anxiety and I will go through episodes. My doctor basically told me that if I experience another bad episode it will kill me. I’ll take the pipe before I go through that again. And I don’t mean a hash pipe either.


I’m sorry to hear that. Bad news sucks. I hope things turn around for you and get better. I’ve seen your posts on here before and you know what you’re doing. Just put your effort and time into your meds and keep on the Forum and chat with people when you need to.
I know you probably know all of that but I just wish I could help it stinks when people are struggling in any way shape or form. Take care and keep your head up.