Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?


Update : I had a strong migraine yesterday and the combinination of vaporize AK-47 and vaporize CBD oil was succesful and homemade edibles … Even if it’s was not a cluster headache episode, i’m really happy with the alleviation :innocent: in fact, it as completly make disapear my strong migraine… :innocent:


As I stated in the thread I posted in the questions forum, I too am a clusterhead. I recently saw an article on the use of psilocybin to break a cluster period. Also said a major Ivy League university is beginning a study on the effects of using it to treat CHs. As a CH sufferer I found this very interesting. They said the treatment used small doses that really didn’t give you the full hallucinatory effects. If interested just search Google. Some use mushrooms for this. Don’t know if this is something you where aware of but just thought you might be interested.

After many years of suffering and damn near every drug they could think to try, I have found two things that will knock my headaches out when they occur: Sumatriptan (Imitrex) injections and breathing 100% pure oxygen. The use of oxygen has literally been a life saver for me.

I am not in a CH period now but certainly can and do empathize with you. No one should have to go through anything like these.

Wishing you the best and a quick end to your cluster period.

CBD for curing migraine

Thanks again @ErnieX , it really mean something to me to discuss that subject with someone who really understand what i’m going through, in literature it’s not for fun that one of the nickname of cluster headaches is the suicidal migraine…

I’m aware of the potential of psilocybine and discuss it earlier in this topic. I’m reluctant to it due to the halocigenic effect ,however, if the science and the current study find a way to get rid of it or dimunish greatly those unwanted side effects, hey, why not :blush:

Imitrex doesn’t work with me, the only pharmaceutical that alleviate a little for me is the combination of zolmitriptan ODT 10 mg ( 2x5 mg) and 50 mg (10x5 mg) Prednisone. With the supervision of my family doctor and my neurologist, i’m trying CBD oil vaporize for immediate effects and edibles for the long lasting effect combine with, for now, AK-47 buds vaporize for the immediate effects too. I have just received my oil vaporizer last week and try it this past week end for a strong “ordinary” migraine and make it completly fade away… I have good faith it will work with my cluster one. :blush:

I ask for the oxygene therapy but cannot have it because my homeowner insurer find it too risky for explosion they said :angry:… It’s one of the reason I went into cannabis growing :innocent:


I too have suffered from migraines in addition to my CHS. I have found the only thing that provided relief from the migraines was smoking cannabis. It eased the pain and relaxed me enough that I could sleep it off. Interested in hearing how the CBD vaporizing works with your CHs. I’ve found that smoking actually aggravates my CHs and can bring them on during a period. Maybe its the THC that causes the onset. Never tried just CBD extract without the potency of the THC. As with most sufferers alcohol of any kind sets them off so basically I quit drinking long ago except for a little white wine which does not contain a lot of the deleterious ingredients in beer and dark alcohols that tend to set them off. I’d rather get high than drunk anyway :wink:

You know what they say, whatever works for YOU! Wishing you luck man and will monitor this post. Always glad to discuss and offer any help I can. :innocent::slight_smile:


I have also discover that sulfites and nitrites in alcohols and foods, when present in too higher doses, does trigger my CH, I quit all of those who contain it in too higher doses and a strick moderation in alcohols is a must :wink::innocent:


Maybe it’s was not the THC that was triggering the CH crises but either a bad curing and a plant that was too early harvested. I found with my research that a more mature plant does contain more of the principal ingredient and more terpenes that’s helping not only with the aroma and taste of cannabis but also have medicinal property…:wink::innocent:


Ok @Brian091180, I always gone a refer you to your doctor and please ask him to put you in contact with a neurologist specialized in migraine, if it’s not already done.

When the last crises had happen ?


Few weeks back ill be talking to my doctor thanks again


You’re welcome my friend :grinning:, the link that I provide for wikipedia on cluster headaches is a great tool to begin with and can be show to your doctor. It is very complete, from what it is, to appropiate medication.

Smoking can trigger the crises (all kind of dry herbs), however, I personnaly found that vaping doesn’t (for me) and with combination of CBD oil, it work great for me. Personnaly, a ratio of 1:1 THC/CBD and in a whole plant oil is the key for me and can differ for you. Be advise that a ratio of 1:1 or higher in the favor of CBD is likely to be non psychoactive (no or just a little buzz) so it’s for medicinal purpose, not recreative.

For % of cannabinoids and dosage, that my friend, it’s gone a be on you to test what’s suitable for you, begin with low dosage :wink: :innocent:

Hoping that’s helping you a little @Brian091180

~Al :v: :innocent:


@Niala, I went through my own hell of cluster headaches so I know exactly what you are dealing with. I have a lazy left eyelid as a result of the ischemia (strokes) from a severe cluster event that required steroids to break. I’m taking Trokendi which is a seizure medicine and thank goodness haven’t had one in 2 years. Oxygen didn’t help me but I did see a correlation between taking multivitamins and a cluster event.


I suggest indica as a sativa may increase the headache


Thanks, @Myfriendis410, it’s really appreciated that you give some of your experience in this subject, sincerely thank you :grinning:. …

I’m glad to see that Trokendi (topiramate) is working for you… Unfortunately, it doesn’t for me. …

My CH are pharmaceutical resistant…

Except for the combinaison of Prednisone (cortico-stéroïde) , CBD and a little of THC… That combination give me about 35 to 40% of pain relief… That’s a break through for me and I have had to go by multiples try and error in a supervise (personnal guinea pig investment, in a free willing study) scientific study with my family doctor and neurologist involved…

I’m very please with your intervention, I hope their is gone a be many more :grinning:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Hi !!! @Fever:grinning: For me, and I insist, for me, it’s Sativa strains for the prévention or more likely for building protection.

Indica are more for after crises for calming down the rush of the CH crises… but always in a CBD dominant strain and the THC level cannot be above 9% and CBD as to be higher. …

Anyway, that’s the rough recipe for me :wink::grinning:

Your friend, ~Al :v: :innocent:


Glad to see round @Niala


Thanks my friend @Nug-bug , it’s felling good to be back :laughing::grinning::wink:


Not to give you a big head or nothing, but you are packed tight with knowledge


Hey my friend , it’s not because I have some knowledge that I consider my self better then others,

I am very glad that you put this forward, @Nug-bug and that you have notice that I am not a "show off " Guy,…

Thanks you from the bottom of my heart :cupid:

I hope, if you need my help, from now on, that you’ll not hesitate to tag me, my friend :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


@Niala I’m still in the expirement phase, but I pretty much grew any strain that was for depression, or migraines. That being said, my better half is the one that has the other problem. Anyways, I even chose a medical one that is very low in THC, supposedly 15% or less. It’s a sativa dominant strain, and appears like one. I didn’t purchase them from here. My only testing has been street stuff, so I don’t if it’s an indica or sativa strain. Here in Alaska, it’s difficult to even know how it got here. There aren’t any dispensaries in MY town. I did get one that I think was indica dominant, and it removed the headache immediately. I’ve been prescribed sumatriptan for migraines, (immitrex I believe is the more popular name brand) but there are so many side effects when I take them, it’s almost not worth it unless I have to. My migraine pain is typically in the internal top of my head, radiating down my spinal cord to some times the middle of my back. Bob31 had recommended amnesia haze and linked them in my grow journal. Have you found any differences between the two indica/sativa for relief? My current strain list in my grow are:
Girl Scout Cookies
White widow
Og Kush
THC Bomb
Txaki 20:1 medical version.
Sorry it was long, but thanks for lending an ear. Any advice is appreciated, from your experiences.


I get occasional migraines too. I picked up a concentrate called Sour Tsunami on a visit to Washington. It’s around 80% CBD and 20% THC. A good dab of that makes the headaches disappear.


It’s OK @Covertgrower, I have shared more than my part of long replies :wink:

Looks like very nasty migraines…

I too I am still in the experimantal phase. My pharmaceutical tools to fight cluster headaches and migraines are 5mg Zolmitriptan ODT and 5mg Prednisone ×10 (cortico-stéroïde and only with CH for this one).

When I have ordinary migraines, and when I qualify of “ordinary” the migraine it’s only to put the emphase on distinguishing them from cluster headaches, that play in a very different ball park, so when I have ordaniry migraines, for me, Chocolope strain make them completly fade away , in a 5 minutes window frame. I also have other strains that’s coming from a reputable Canadian legal medical dispensary, Tweed, that are working too. Boaty McBoatface (CBD MediHaze) is great, it’s a sativa dominant hybrid, 2:1 CBD ratio. Argyl (Nordle) too, it’s an indica dominant hybrid, 1:1 ratio.

I also use Mettrum 20mg/ml CBD oil in a daily dosage to mainly see if it will be working as a neuroprotective agent for my cluster headaches, but the supply from them is very irregular, I cannot count on them for a month by months approvisation supplies. Sadly :frowning:, because it’s seems to be working for me, for my cluster headaches, they are more manageable.

Ak-47 works fine but not as effective as Chocolope, for me.

I also use Devon (CBD Kush), it’s an indica dominant hybrid, 1:1 ratio, it’s working fairly well for my migraines but trigger migraine when I use it for my cluster headaches… Will keep that one to manage anxiety… It’s seems like Kush strains, for me, can trigger migraines in particular situation.

I also have Zaïus oil, 30mg of THC/ml, I did’nt use it , it’s the next one I am going to use.

I am mainly using cannabis in oral consumption and vaping when I need an extra boost, or to manage my anxiety and ordaniry migraines (vaping)

I have seeds of Amnesia Haze and Big Bud waiting to be soak… I’m not gone a be able to grow for a couple of months. I read good reviews on them to fight migraines.

Your list of strains is very good :+1::ok_hand:, ILGM GSC and WW are in my bucket list :wink: Gold leaf, BlueDream and BlueBerry too… Next year, maybe…

Talking about long replies :wink:, lol :sweat_smile: :joy:… I hope you’ll find this helpful, at least… And worth the time reading. …:wink::innocent: