Cluster headache and cannabis. Try it or not !? Does it work or not !?

First, thanks to @Floridason who as suggest that I start a topic for this particular condition.:wink::v::ok_hand: and special thanks to @garrigan62 @MacGyverStoner @Aquaponic_Dumme and certainly other’s one’s of my fellow grower’s, beginner’s and older’s, for helping me acquiring new growt knowledge.

Second, this topic is not intend to replace or subtitute any medical advise what so ever, and should be view as my personnal experience’s. I’m very close monitor by my family doctor and a neurologist in my on going and future experiences with the using of cannabinoids. And it’s definitely not a self diagnostic tool.

That’s said…

Hi, in this topic, i’m gone a explore, with you, and share my personnal experience with cannabis on managing my cluster headaches.

I have this condition for about 25 years. It first appear two weeks after a nasty car accident, my car was a total lost, but miraculstly leave me with only a major neck pain, i was very lucky to be in one piece.

I had those nasty headaches , on a regular base one time each and every years for about 10 years. Then, they suddently switch to a pattern of one crises every 6 month’s. Just to explain what my crises are : my headache have a during time of between 3-4 hours, a pause for about 1 hour and the headache return for another 3 -4 hours and it going like that for 2 to 4 days. It’s like a nightmare that you cannot woke up…

That’s not all, suddently, again, 5 years ago it switch to a pattern of 2 crises each month and did it for my pain capacity management and I search for a family doctor and was lucky to find one (i’m living in Québec, Canada were it’s very hard to find one). We (my family doctor and I) gone a several try and error until give it in the hand of a specialize neurologist.

My cluster headaches are what they calls pharmaceutical resistant, that’s why i’m trying cannabis and went to indoor growing for essentialy economical reasons.

My first succesful growt was AK-47 and it’s going fair well on managing the crises but no substancial difference with zolmitriptan. However it’s more natural and that what I personnaly searching for, alternative ways…:wink::innocent::sunglasses::v:

I’m more of the eddible type for the forward effect and the long lasting one. But find usefull to take a vaporize session for the immediate effects and the smooth transition.:snail:

Follow up are gone a be shorter, I think, and i wish, but sometimes, inspiration takes over :wink::innocent::sunglasses::v:


Have you ever heard of an herb called feverfew? It’s in the aster family, closely related to chrysanthemums, looks like a daisy. (it’s kind of pretty, really, and smells nice) It’s most well known use is for the treatment of migraine headaches. As its name implies, it also works well on fevers, and its extreme bitterness also helps with nausea. It’s best taken as a tea, sweetened with copious amounts of honey. Not knocking the cannabis, if it is really helping you-- certainly it is more enjoyable :wink: I’m just wondering if the use of feverfew could complement the use and effectiveness of cannabis-- perhaps as a preventative, while the cannabis is of more value when you are in a crisis, as you call it-- or perhaps the other way around. Maybe see an experienced and accomplished herbalist/naturapathic physician, in addition to your neurologist.

On a side note, feverfew is also an excellent companion plant in the outdoor garden, as it produces pyrethium, a substance that repels harmful insects. Marigolds and chrysanthemums also produce this chemical, and are also good bug-repelling companion plants, but only feverfew is edible and useful as a medicinal herb, as it also produces salicylin, the active compound in aspirin. In the case of veterinary herbology, feverfew is a good substitute for aspirin for dogs and cats. While low-dose aspirin in moderation is safe for dogs, it is not safe for cats. But feverfew is.

Just my two cents. :sunny:


You seem quite knowledged in herbals. You’re very welcome in my topic😃.
It look, in first view, of a realistic suggestion. I’ll do some futher research on it and promise to do an update on it. Thanks @Herbalist :innocent::+1:


You are very welcome, and thank you for the compliment. :smile: Do let me know how you get on, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions related to herbal medicine.


If you want to know more about cluster headache usual medication, please follow the link on my first post.:innocent:

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In my previous research, I found that ergot of the rye and other mushroom that have LSD content may be effective for cluster headache, but did’nt found any dosage associate with it. It was part of a random study.

Personnaly, i’m not interest on hallucinations :astonished::fearful:, but if the science go farther and find a way to get rid of the hallucinogene effect, hey, why not !?:sunglasses: @Floridason

For the cannabis research, I found a random study on CBD here it is:

I 'm trying right now, since 2 weeks, CBD oil in my eddible… hoping that will work as prevention :innocent: @FloridaSon

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Dosage of mushrooms is something else that has to be figured out by each individual. Like with any other treatment, each person has their own tolerance levels.

Bad trips tend to come from a person doing more than their system can tolerate. My brother in law can drink like it’s water. He can’t even take one hit without going to sleep. I can smoke all day but can’t drink.

I ran out of weed one time with no chance of getting more. As I was searching for an errant bud, I came across three little dried caps that had come from my dad’s pasture.

Having only drank tea before, I wasn’t really sure they would do much. I mean, they were small caps!

Mmmm…it was nice! The buzz was like the best weed I ever smoked and lasted a good 8hrs. The only visual effect was a brightening of edges.

Although, I did end up spending an unknown amount of time intently watching a ground wasp moving a large catapillar across 6’ of ground, open a hidden hole, drag it in and then leave after making sure all traces of the hole were concealed! Amazing!!!

The long story is to show that if you start with a little amount, you could work to a comfortable dosage for your own needs. The same thing we should do when starting any new type of treatment.

From my understanding, one or two times a year has shown to be effective. It was just another option other than pharmaceuticals. I believe some people shouldn’t do certain remedies due to personal chemistry.

:slight_smile: I wanted to respond because I noticed you kept tagging me. I’m not upset about it, please don’t worry, but there are times when a Gout episode gets bad enough that it becomes hard to even think. The last couple days have been rough, but today has been exceptionally bad.

I will have to get to a better place before I can check the links you provided. My brain is working so poorly right now that it’s taken me about 45mins to post this.

I’ll be fine. It’s just part of living life with chronic Gout…

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Sorry for the tagging and the lots of love you gone a receive, just catching up from your old topics, I 'm gone a put an hold to the tagging and the love button :wink::innocent::v: i’M perfectly understanding what you’re going through :innocent:

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It is much the same in herbalism. Each person responds to herbs differently. Where lavender works for one person, chamomile will work better for someone else. Dosing is also not a perfect science, but more an individualistic experiment. We herbalists will usually recommend a standard amount (say one teaspoon of herb per cup of water, or 30 drops of tincture), and if that doesn’t work, to increase the dose gradually until it does work, capping off at a maximum recommended amount. (If the max doesn’t work, we look for a different herb).

My husband has said before that using mushrooms, LSD, or any other hallucinogenic is largely dependent upon what kind of “baggage” you have in your life. The more baggage, the more likely you are to have a bad trip. In other words, those with PTSD should use extreme caution when considering the use of hallucinogenics. Regardless, you should always have someone you can trust (and who agrees to stay sober) around the first time you use hallucinogenics.

@FloridaSon, Hubby also suffers from gout. Cherry juice is supposed to help. You might give it a try. At worst, it will taste nice. At best, it will relieve your suffering.


It’s the same for pharmaceutical treatement, find the right dosage it’s a trial and error thing and fine tuning. A dosage for one won’t necessarely apply to other ones and doctor have a decorum to follow for prescription. :wink::innocent:


I understand trying to catch up on old posts. I had to take a break for moving to this new place. I still haven’t caught up!

The likes and tags don’t bother me, I was just trying to help you understand why I wasn’t responding. I usually try to respond to a tag quickly.

No need for sorry :wink:


I can fully agree with your husband. Thank you for adding what I was assuming was common sense. Yes, I assumed. :rage::wink:

I tried black cherry for a couple of years without much improvement. I tried eating them because the juice was hard on my stomach for some reason.

The thing that helps the most is alkalised water. Mine has a pH of 10 when bottled. I’m learning that I tend to be pretty acidic.

I did this to myself. I veered off from my diet for the holidays and am now paying the price. I was thinking I had done well for a long time and could cheat just a little.

NOPE!!! I won’t make that mistake again! Yeah, I probably will, but not because it’s the holidays.

I feel for you and your husband if it gets as bad for him as it does for me. My wife is an angel to me when I get like this. She works 6 days a week, 10hrs a day, and still doesn’t complain when I’m down and has to help me with everything else around the house.

A good woman is God’s greatest gift to man…


I’m single for a couple of years now and I 'm not on a very good mind set or best days for meeting, but hoping to find a woman that will complete me, one day :innocent:


For those who are wondering, cluster headaches are way off the pain charts (QDSA, ALGOPLUS and BPS). Even if they called headaches, they are not. They are inflamation of the tri-gemini nerves in the actual view of science. It’s affecting men more than women in a ratio around 2.5 : 1 and 3.5 : 1. The women who have cluster headache said that is more painful than labor delivery (I am taking the word of them for that one :wink::innocent:)

@Herbalist, I 've done some research on Feverfew and will try it sometime further on , however i’m gone a withdraw each 4 weeks, for that is renom to cause inflamation problem of daily use pass that. :wink: Thanks for the info …:heart_eyes::innocent:

I’m currently going in crises and will give an update on how well the AK-47 help… :wink::innocent:


hey @Niala Sorry to hear that you are going through that. I really do hope that you find a solution in whatever works for you. For too many years we have been told too many wrong things by people we trusted. Thankfully the world is starting to come to it’s senses.

And what @FloridaSon (Sorry to hear about the Gout. Very painful!) said about his wife is true. I’m in this because of my wife. She suffers from almost never ending chronic pain in her neck, back and hips. Part of what I grow will be dedicated to oils, butters, cooking etc. (So much to learn!)

I will save a little for me tho! LMAO :joy:


Thanks for the reception @bob31 :innocent: and I 'm a firm believer that mentality is gone a change in seedling love and share that loving with the mass, eventualy is gone a sprout and spread… :smiley::wink::innocent::sunglasses::v::ok_hand:


Here is an update : i’m still going through an episode of cluster headache and it’s a particular strong one ; AK-47 cannot stand the strenght of that one, has to use cortico-stéroïde in back up and zolmitriptan… :dizzy_face::flushed::mask: It’s going better hour to hours… :innocent: :wink:


I feel for you! Hang in there!

It only feels like forever…


Thanks, i’m going much better since noon , eastern time :wink:, it’s maybe the CBD oil ! ?:disappointed::wink::laughing: