Clueless Hydroponic DWC beginner help me get my plants the best start!

It has been 8 days since i germinated the seeds and placed them into the rockwool. I didn’t give the germinated seeds any light until i could see some roots pushing out of the rockwool. 3 out of the 4 seeds that i started have developed into little seedlings while 1 didnt make it. Due to not reading the directions on the outlet timer that i purchased the seedlings got about 22 hours of light the first time that i put them under my led. One of the seedlings was a bit black on the top but seems to have corrected itself in the last few days after i raised the light up. I have been giving them nothing but ph 6.0-6.5 water so far. I’ve been giving them a light mist every day. My main questions are When should i start feeding them nutrients? When should they be transplanted into my DWC setup? How much light/nutrients should i give them on the first go? Is the heat/ humidity of my grow tent going to be an issue? My grow room is not temp controlled but it is insulated and inside of a large building. I can get a dehumidifier running whenever if it is needed (I’ve got a spare). What about the heat? the room has been running about 73-75 degrees on average, but due to a very intense midwest heatwave the temp and humidity has been causing me some anxiety. All help is appreciated. Lastly, is there a method of cooling my grow room without cutting a hole in my wall?

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Is there a heater vent or an unused light fixture in your room? There is a channel on YouTube called from seed to stoned and he takes out the light fixture and caps the wires which “you should NOT do on your own unless you are checked off on that procedure”. And he plumbs his ventilation out into that with solve tape and a flange. He has a pre carbon filter and the Insulation acts as a secondary filter. It’s super genius

Your rock wool looks really wet. I never spray my plants (leaves). Humidity could stand to be lower. I keep them in the dome for about a week, then put them in my containers. I start with 1/4 strength nutrients.
When you put them in your buckets, have water approx 1 1/2inch below your netpot. Your air stones should be producing enough bubbles to keep the roots “misted” until they reach the water.

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first: pics look like you just misted them. if the rockwool stays sopping wet, it will rot and kill plants.

suggest you consider putting hatchlings in 9oz clear plastic cups with drain holes. I use soil and place another on top for a humidity dome. mist the inside once a day. when the roots are all over the clear cup…transplant.
best if done in a large bowl of PH’d water to remove soil from roots.
Takes a smooth hand, but, I never lost a plant.

Critical: have to have a PH n PPM Meter Set $20 online
and of course air stones to keep feed solution oxygenated

At the point you are now I used Rapid Start diluted 10:1. Use a dropper to apply around the seeding to moisten your rooters. I agree with the others in that your rooters are too wet.
Put them in the DWC system when they look like this

Discontinue the Rapid Start and feed 10% nutes. I upped it to 50% after 1 week… you’ll see why. Once those roots the nutes its game on.

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i dont think that i am experienced enough to do something like that. Chances are if the area gets to hot its coming inside. I’ve been procrastinating the last couple days. They are totally ready to go into the DWC systems plenty of roots coming out of the rockwool now.

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Thanks for the replys guys. I’ll get my buckets set up tomorrow and post with updates.

@tanlover442 I’ve got the ph and ppm meters. What should they read when i give them my first batch of nutrients? Also would it hurt to add a little HydroGuard into the solution?

PH best range for hydro 5.5 to 6.2.
PPM depends on what your start PPM is. Add nutes to water then adjust PH.

Very best way to judge nute strength is by watching the leaves and especially the new growth.

Hydroguard needs to be in every new solution. Algae will choke the roots to death.

Another way is the heater vent if there is one. You just butt your hose up to it and use the silver gear fireplace tape to cover any open areas. It’s just sending it back through your system. Then in the winter depending on where you are you can use the heat again.