Clover for ground cover

With 600W Viparspectre LED using FFOF soil. In the top 1/4 of my 3 Gal fabric pots dry out almost completely 5-8 hours after feeding/watering. My RH inside the tent is consistently between 60-77% temps around 75-80F. I’m thinking of getting some clover, but wondering whetehr its too late since I’m a month into veg? And also, if i do establish it this grow or the next, can clovers follow your plants all the way up to harvest or do you remove them before making the switch to flower?
I don’t plan on transplanting

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Maybe exaggerating on the 1/4 lol. its just past my second knuckle so between 2-3 inches. It packs down after watering but if you break it up its already so dry it actually starts blowing around with the fan

You can add clover anytime.

Clover?? Lost on this one

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Pics please.

I think @Bluedonut09 was the one using clover… guess it’s a pest deterrent as well?

Clover is always a good option for cover and it also co benefits the plant by putting nutrients ba k into the soil. The problem that you currently have though is time.
Yes you are correct it’s a bit late for clover being this far into flower. 1 the clover takes time you no longer have to establish and create the cover. 2 the canopy will block the light the clover needs to become "established in the first place, further slowing the process. 3 the clover will not have enough time to actually beging releasing nutes back into the soil before harvest.

I’m not saying don’t do it but I would advise for another route at least for this grow.

I use ez-straw, you can get it at Lowe’s, Walmart and Amazon. It creates a Matt that allows water to flow, keeps the soil moist(which is great for microbes), and helps cut down on bugs like gnats.
I can’t speak for everyone but since I started using ez-straw I have no longer has any bug issues. I used pull my hair out trying to stay completely organic and combating bugs. Now its has not made the top 20 in my list of grow room concerns😋.

Again, clover is a very very good option for cover but it’s one that realistically should be implemented at start to receive the max benefits :+1: hope this was helpful.
I also forgot to add I added a basil plant as a permanent fixture to my room. I use it for cooking and the plant naturally deters bugs also.

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I’m sorry this was not me I grow indoor and don’t have issues with bugs in the room I grow in

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I use clover outdoors and indoors. I like the EZ straw idea, as I use it and clover. I buy our straw from a feed store, but worried there might be pests in it! Thanks @MD_Herbology now I can use straw indoors.

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Thanks for the replies everyone! Sorry for the long response i did see all these when they were posted lol. I’m not using it for bugs, or nutrients, mainly just because my topsoil gets so dry so fast. I amended with some dolomite and earthworm castings and sprinkled some white clover. I sowed them 5 days ago and their already sprouting up nicely and already keeping the top from drying out completely. The vegging plants may actually see some benefits. They’re only 2 months old and still pretty short so probably got another month or to left before the switch.

One thing about Clover and it has not been mentioned,…it loves water and so does your plant. Your watering intervals are going to be increased significantly with Clover or any living ground cover. Something to be mindful of.

Ground cover is also not typically grown with the cannabis plant but rather before the plant and is then tilled into the soil enriching it with nitrogen and other bennies.