Cloudy trichomes at 35 days!

What’s up Growers! So like the title says, I have cloudy trichomes and I’m only in the 5th week since flip. All hairs have retreated back into bud with no new hairs visible. trichomes are mostly cloudy, very few clear ones. Can’t get a shot of trichomes because I use a loupe and it’s hard to get this thing steady enough to get a good shot but trust me, I’ve harvested lots of times and have never seen this before LOL… The Strain has a 7-9-week flower period so im stumped… I’ve never heard of a photo finishing in 35 days :thinking:… anybody ever seen anything like this before? Thanks for the feedback in advance​:v:

Forgot to add, before anyone asks, yes I was looking at the bud and not the leaves LOL been around the block a few times :rofl:


Well, you’re Johnny on the spot so to speak. If you think they are done, harvest. Might take a sample? Cut of a little bit, dry it in the oven and sample it.


Almost makes me wonder if your reading sugar leafs.

Trich pics?


@Low makes me wonder if you read before you commented :rofl:…def not leaves


@oldmarine I was thinking about taking a sample but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this 35 day flower thing… kind of hoping she takes off again but doesn’t look like it. You ever heard of plants finishing prematurely?

LOL. Got me.

Usually people are looking for help.
When I’m reading hundreds of comments a day, I’m looking for the point of a post. The only thing that stood out is that is cloudy trichs at 5 weeks.

So you are just asking if anyone else has had this experience? Got it.

I’ve never seen anything finish flower that fast. Some cloudy at that point, sure. Just not enough to justify harvest. :+1: maybe someone else has. :crazy_face:

Pics if you can provide, loop or not.


Happens every time someone harvest at 5 weeks.

Give it a few more weeks.

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I feel same way bout my blackberry I planted 4 different strains but my blackberry looks like it 2weeks ahead of the rest but some plant have mind of there own so.

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