Cloudy or still clear?

Hello again! I’m not sure how to look at these pics. Are they getting cloudy? Some look like it to me and some still look clear. But I’m still ignorant about this. Hope to get some more help. Hoping you can enlarge these pics. Can’t thank you all enough for your time.!


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Not close enough, but definitely going to be mostly, if not all, clear. Nearly all white pistils in the pics. I could be wrong. Try to get some real close shots and maybe a shot or two of the whole plant. What’s in the shots looks nice though!


If you have a jewelers loupe or USB microscope those will get you a much better view. The scores are like $30 on Amazon and work well if you can get the mount to stay mounted.


When your pistils are 80% mature then tricombs should be start to be looked at. Until then it’s just to early.


Here are some newer pics. A lot of the trichomes look cloudy and a lot still look clear if I am looking at them correctly. One of the pics shows what I beleive to be a spider web ball. The image on top is a bug!!! Hope you can clarify for me as to how close I am to harvesting. I am tempted to start now but can’t make a good determination. Thanks for any thoughts! LP.

Nice clean shots! If you could crop a bit more…but yeah, you’re 3-5 days out for a sweet harvest! But my personal preference is 100% clouds with a little amber thrown in the mix…
Don’t see the bug. In this stage of the game, if you got pests, you won’t have just one. Unless the pests just don’t care for the food source.
Send a whole plant pic if you got one.

Thanks for the reply! Great help. Sorry…the bug pic didn’t make it, but here it is now. The round ball looks like a spider web ball. Can’t wait to get this going! It’s been almost 18 weeks since she stuck her head out of the dirt. Taking longer and is bigger than I expected. So far I only see a couple of amber trichomes.