Cloth pot sizes are far from standardized- help needed

I recently read a lengthy article on the many variations of all plant pot sizes. It appears there is no set standard to go by for manufacturers so they each size their pots differently. Good example look at cloth pot sizes in inches. No manufacturer lists the same amount of volume by inches when they size by gallons. Some are way off. So with this in mind what is recommended size in inches for a 4x4x80 tent for a sog or scrog. I’m looking at 5 to 7 gal but many are vary close in inches while others are not. I will be varying strains over time and want to fill the tent. I’m thinking 4 to 6 pots max. Many thanks

It sounds like you are overcomplicating things.
In most cases, you would put 4 plants in a 4x4 tent.
The size pot has more to do with the plant genetics and the environment anything else - some plants excel in a 3 gallon pot, and some in a 5 gallon pot. That’s using “indoor, in soil” as an example. Growing in coco and/or outdoor will likely benefit from larger containers.
Most of your plants will do very well in a 5 gallon pot. I would recommend picking up (6) 5 gallon pots so you always have 2 on standby. While you are at it, if you intend to “pot up” (go up in stages versus going directly from seedling container to the final pot size) you might want to get some 1-gallon pots at the same time.


Makes sense mucho thanks

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Or you can have 40 plants in a 4x4 just plan on flipping sooner.
Plant count doesn’t matter, as much as canopy taking up that space.


That’s why I said, “In most cases, you would put 4 plants in a 4x4 tent.”
A beginner isn’t likely to try (or even be aware of) SOG, nor many other techniques used.
The poster also said, “I’m thinking 4 to 6 pots max.”

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Getting ready to flip a single one. Looking to get what I need after that for a full tent. The one in the tent is a experiment that was given to me at about two months old. I topped it x3 and it’s in scrog net now. New batch is grand daddy purple which is a low and wide growing strain from what I’ve learned. I plan on training them from the start.

Sounds good too.

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I flipped two weeks ago today. My once scrawny experimental plant in scrog net is now taking up between 1/3 to half of the 4x4 tent. So yes 4 will be likely more than enough
On another note I found some short cloth grow pots with a tad wider diameter i think they’re 9h x 15w. Is there a minimum depth i want of soil? Would a 11h x 14w be better? Just thinking having a couple extra inches if grow height may help but dont want them to not be deep enough.@covertgrower

Either of those will work. I have some 5 gallon fabric pots I have, and I went from filling it, to folding it in half. Not sure on the measurements.
Cannabis roots can go deep, but they tend to spread out sideways more than down. In my opinion. They do go down, but they go more outward than anything.


Good to know mucho thanks!