Closing in on Harvest window Down under

Hi all,
I imagine y’all north of the equator are staring to feel some Springtime warmth. While we are 5 weeks from the start of winter.
Some of you have been watching this outdoor grow, we have had some hits and misses this summer, but overall learned a great deal more than we knew last November about how to grow healthy cannabis.

The attached photos are from an outdoor garden I have posted before. Started in Nov 2020. Been alot of damm work but soon to reap the rewards.
Plants are mostly from clones, Cali Gold, Opium, some NL#5 feminised + some medical strains with higher CBD.
All are healthy, so far, but we are concerned if long days of cloud and rain set in. Still roaring winds blow thru the lower valley so there is great airflow.
Hope you enjoy…


nice grow… around that time I get nervous about budrot.
I wish you warm and dry weather for the coming weeks and strong hand and back muscles for the harvest…


Beautiful plants. Good luck getting them to the finish line!

I grow outdoors and always rinse my harvests, it’s amazing what comes off the buds.

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45 to 50° and rainy and overcast is a great recipe for Bud rot that’d for sure.

What are your nighttime temperatures like? I mean obviously we’re not actually five weeks away from the winter solstice but I’m assuming you’re referencing just the local climate starts to get Wintry in about five weeks…

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Hi Deez,

this week the lows at night range from 8 to 11 deg’ C. Days are hot still this week between 24 - 28 deg C.
The area receives good winds near daily. But last week got cold. For example Ive wrapped a germination heating pad around a 10 gal’ grow bag to keep the root ball warm, I leave it on day and night. Our days are quickly shrinking, but we are an island state and the weather can turn on a dime.
Outdoor folks just have to be ready for anything. So far this patch is healthy.
I have been treating some spot mold in my AF’s with a new product that appears to work well, so far. My autos are in wk 14 next week, still waiting for 30% amber, if I can get it.
Its all a gamble…work hard to stay on top of any problems.

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I’m just trying to say that unless you’re getting down to frost temps (like under 3) you only neeed to worry about mold, not cold.

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