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Start of Grow Journal 3/19/18

Lights: 1 x 600w viparspectra
2 X 150w Magzo
2 X Full spectrum 24" light bars

Grow Area 4’x2’x5’ tent and a second area of 2.5’ x 6’
Average 82° degree / 40% RH

Plant 1 WW auto in rapid Rock Wool/Hydroton
Plant 2 WW auto in rapid Rock Wool/Hydroton
Plant 3 WW auto in rapid Rock Wool/Hydroton
Plant 4 Gold Leaf (fem) in Fox Farm Oceans soil
Plant 5 Gold Leaf (fem) in Fox Farm Oceans soil

Plants are currently seedling and yesterday the were introduced to my recirculating DWC

Used store bought distilled water.
pH of 6.6
EC 0.07
Average water temp controlled w/chiller 68° (just hooked it up today)

Fed Plants today 50ML of Voodoo Juice
AN nutrients will be added at start of veg

Checked Nutrient mix and pH of 6.6 and EC of 0.07

Adjusted Ph to 6.6

Added exhale bag Co2 and Co2 gauge with supplemental canned Co2 keeping PPM 1500ish

System Overview:
Running 13.5 gallons in 30 gal tote - insulated and completely blacked out w/ 3 x 3.5 bubble boy buckets and large net pot lids. 2 x submersible 303 gph water pumps w/ 1" od intake lines and 3/8 od feed lines. 4.5" circular air stones in each bucket ran from 2 x Active Aqua air pumps (output 125 gph) cycled pumping of 45 mins 2 hrs off.

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bought a chiller as my water temp was getting to the high side of limit


I want to update my progress as I haven’t been able to get on here as I just started a new job that’s got q lot of OT $

But as it stands right now things are looking really good. My 2 ILGM Gold Leaf soil grow (week 2 veg) is loving its environment. Tons of new growth and I just topped her the other night

I’m using FF Oceans soil and GH 3 part with AN B-52. Distilled water and ph between 5.8-6.5 and after adding nutrients my EC is 2.10
Right now i have them under a 600w viparspectra concurrent veg (100) bloom (60)
I enclosed the grow space with reflectix

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After the disaster of a start with my screw up of putting seedlings in a small cup and having them root though the weep holes I made and stunting their growth i think i made the right decision to germinate 3 new WW autos and things look a lot better know this is day 12 they have rooted three their medium and roots are in the solution. Although i do have a mutant. I knew there was something up with this seed as i germinated her she was a lot slower and after she showed the rap root i put her in rock wool and she had trouble getting her head out. I had to assist her with removing the rock wool and gently placing it back over here but giving her a direct route.

Here the mutant. She has a bit of nute burn but her sister are the same age and they took to the solution great. I’m going to keep her going no telling how this is going to end at the moment she’s about 5 inches under where the others are.

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So here’s an update.

Week 3

My ILGM WWA in a rDWC are looking strong and healthy with lots of new growth daily. I’ve trimmed them occasionally and topped them twice. Some LST bending and breaking, they have bounced back really quickly and grown some knucles. The one mutant/runt plant is trying to keep up and claim its space in the SCROG as I’ve been treading them three the screen, trying to maximize my grow space and spread the canopy.

The ILGM Gold Leaf in soil (FF oceans) are thriving short strong and bushy. They seem to be liking the environment and with watering once daily.


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