Closet prep - grow space for two autos - WW and Psycho

I am considering converting my veg closet into a grow space for two autos. The closet is 22"x22" with a shelf creating a space 36" high and one 41" high. I think this is enough room for autos :thinking:

The closet was lined with foil but I’m over that. I was going to put up a space blanket I have but I think I’ll get a bit of flat white paint instead.

We had removed 2 shelves and ‘spacers’ to create the hight we needed/wanted. But that created huge light gaps… wasn’t much of a problem when vegging, and we had covered them with foil. Now I need to come up with a plan to block these gaps.

I have left over floor boards, but not really a clue how to attach them…

WWYD (what would you do)?? Taking any ideas or recommendations.

Also, lighting. Right now each space has a T5 florescent and I want to try LED but don’t want to spend a lot. I’m considering a couple of these, but is three enough? Would the one with 7 be too much?

Then there are so many bulbs to choose from… what specs should I look for to grow autos, preferably from sprout through flowing?? (is this possible or ill advised?)

Thanks for any advice and/or comments.
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As an alternative, I have a closet (in the room where the tent is) that would probably be a bit more ideal… except that the doors were removed long ago. Now there’s an opening 47x56 that would need a light-proof covering, preferably one that serves as a door. The closet itself is 47" wide x 26" deep and 62" tall. But how oh how to cover that gaping hole? :thinking: Maybe curtains, the light blocking kind… and Velcro to keep it flush? This might just be way better. The bathroom closet will just keep being a veg space. But I still need to decide on lighting (on a tight budget)

14.5 watts is a good bulb to use. The 5000 K are for veg. The 2700 k are for flowering. I’d use the 5000 k for autos. I made a light with the same type of item you listed above. I have a 5 in my veg area and a 7 in my flower tent. I use LED bulbs with the bulb taken off.


This light with 5 x 14.5 watt LED 5000k will produce about 70 actual watts.

Your need about 30 to 50 watts per square foot in your grow area.


So I would need 2 of the one that holds 7 bulbs in the bigger closet or one each of the 5x in the smaller closet with 2 separate areas. Thanks for the info! :sunglasses::v:

look into bridgelux strip lights @GreenThunder affprdable high intensity, low heat , low profile


I will look into that.

A brief search brought me to this…
would you say it is worth $100 and would it be sufficient in 47x26? The length is what appealed to me the most (besides price)

MDR450 compares to traditional 400 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 202 watts


You’re wanting to grow the autos all the way through in that space?

The light you posted seems kind of long and narrow for a square space with limited height. I’m sure we can find some cool stuff to work with, I just want to have a good idea of what you’re picturing.

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I’m deciding between 2 different space options. The $100 light would be for the 47x26 closet (62" high) The other option is 22" square with one space that’s 36" and one that’s 41"… I’d use the 5 or 7 bulb unit.
But now I’m leaning toward the wider space (with 2 autos) because it’s in the room where the tent is located. The stacked square closet is in the master bath. I’m now thinking to keep that for vegging. (I’ve always been a little wishy-washy when making decisions)

Thanks so much for chiming in.
I’d like to stay away from diy/assembly required for now.

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Yep, no problem.

If you’re going with the multi bulb adapter type of setup for a full grow, I would look for some larger 3000k 90cri bulbs. You would have to remove the diffuser on them though. So we would have to look for something different if that’s a problem.

They’re kind of expensive to buy complete, but the hlg-65 may be a really good option for something like that too. But it wouldn’t be competitive with the light you posted above.

I did find these, which look unusually good.

Perhaps one of them in the center of a 7 bulb splitter with 6 of the bulbs I mentioned above. You could probably even add it as a 7th bulb for flowering portion of the grow.

Edit… for whatever reason it’s linking the full cycle version, that’s nothing special for the price. Select the flowering version of that light, that’s the one I was trying to point out.