Closet of misfit clones (rescues from mom's yard of horrors) - Week 4

Earlier this summer, around June 12th, we had a very windy rain storm. It was definitely the worst storm of the season here. At the time, my mom had plants in her backyard that had been planted for a while. They were clones that were given to her inside solo cups, in late April. The plants might be indicas and that’s about all the info I have…

Anyway, the storm snapped one plant right in half! I dipped it in some root hormone, trimmed it up, put it in soil, and began nursing it back to health…Amazingly, it did really well! Here are shots of it’s progress:

Fast forward to June 30th and my mom has ANOTHER plant break (this is not her year). Again, I rescue the plant. While I’m there I take a two more trimmings to make some clones. Instead of soil, I used plugs this time. I used powder root hormone both times.

After all four plants seemed to be established and healthy, I moved them inside the house to a temporary closet space (at the time, my grow tent already had some plants inside it that were in late bloom).

Week One, July 20th:

Week 3, August 3rd (the yellow squares are sticky traps! There were fungus gnats in my other grow area, the tent with blooming plants in it). :

Week 4, August 8th. The plants in the grow tent are still in there but, now they are drying. The rescue plants in the closet of misfits were all toped yesterday. This is my first time doing that so, fingers crossed! (This is my 2nd grow. My first grow is the ones that are drying in the tent).

Plants were fed 3 gallons of water with Flora Series nutrients: 7.5 ml Micro, 7.5 ml Group, 3.75 ml of Bloom, 7.5 ml CalMag ( didn’t use all 3 gallons because there was more than enough runoff after about 2.5 gallons).

The close up pics are me attempting to show what the plant looks like where the topping took place. I topped them yesterday:



Aug 15th (week five): Plants were fed 3 gallons of water with Flora Series nutrients: 7.5 ml Micro, 7.5 ml Gro, 3.75 ml of Bloom, 7.5 ml CalMag. I also sprayed neem oil as a preventive measure.

Aug 24th (week six): 4 gallons of water with 10 ml Micro, Gro, Bloom, and CalMag. Sprinkled mosquito bits and sprayed Neem Oil again. Transitioned plants to 12 on/12 off for lights.

Aug 30th (week seven, week one of bloom): trimmed bud sites and leaves at the bottom of the plant in hopes of growing bigger buds. 4 gallons of water, no nutes. Some leaves were yellowing and I thought it might be too much nutes.

Sept 7th (week 8, week 2 of bloom) 4 gallons of water 10 ml of Micro & Bloom, 3 ml of Grow. Some fan leaves on the bottom have yellowed. Some purple too. I still think it might have been too much nutes earlier on, but Im not sure.