Closet. Grow. Hydro/soil


I wouldn’t think so @Wolfmankush No one I know uses it.


Thanks Still dont know if i want to go with HID or led @bob31


@Wolfmankush I hear ya. The LED’s are just so easy and you don’t have to worry about them contributing that much to heat or anything


So the led lights on Amazon are the marshydro and VIPARSPECTRA dont know witch one to get.for a 2x4 grow tent @bob31


Viparspectra have great reviews on youtube and if ur in usa or canada i think then u can get there new dimmable par 450w. par range is a new one tht is suppose to be better than there 900w led so its worth a look am doing my first ever grow in a closet and am doing ok but am going frpm that to a tent and posibbly hps not sure yet unless i can get the viparspectra par range but i am in the uk and i cant buy them over here i can go through ebay thou they do them with the uk plugs. Anyway just incase u wanted or didnt know about these they are getting good reviews from top youtube growers and breeders.


for 8 sq feet you need between 240 and 400 true watts for 8 square feet. Maybe @dbrn32 can help you decide?


I was going through some options earlier in the thread when it was looking more like hid. Didn’t realize we opted for a smaller tent since. Thanks for heads up @bob31.

Going to a 2x4 changes things quite a bit. If you narrow down to the vipar and mars, I think they both do a pretty good job. I like the mars 600 specifically when looking at similar lights. It has a pretty good ratio of blue to red and peaks at about the right wavelengths. Other members have picked them up and seem to be very happy thus far. One of them should run a successful grow, but you would need 2 of them to hit upper end of par levels. I don’t think you’ll find better performance without spending more money.


Now if you were considering going with 2 of the mars lights, I would really consider looking at this kit from hlg. It’s going to cost an extra $60. But will put you on what’s essentially the “latest and greatest” led tech. The kit does require some assembly, but there are tutorials and it’s fairly easy.

There are a few members here using them that have info posted. Check out @MAXHeadRoom and @Kcdaniels. There are more, but I’m forgetful lol.


@Wolfmankush…I’ll tag you in my grow …I posted a couple pictures of the light kit that @dbrn32 recommend to me☺ I’m really happy I went with it…


So out of the VIPARSPECTRA and marshydro which to get for a 2x4 grow tent


@Wolfmankush amazon has a deal right now on mars hydro MarsHydro 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Veg and Flower


What size exhaust fan do i need for a 2x4 grow tent @bob31


@Wolfmankush do you have any plans to expand beyond the 2x4 grow area? If not the 4 inch system should work

Here is an example

I like that setup because it includes the speed controller. Only thing you would need to get is the 4 inch ductng


Ok thanks :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I just picked up 4 of these at this price. They work and I’m not disappointed for that price


Very nice bro!! If you ever post a pic of your grow opt tag me!! :+1: