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There’s not a lot if any led options that will sufficiently light that area for $200. You could probably get into a single fixture that would do about half of it for now, and add another light or two later. Would that be an option?


Yes i found some leds grow lights online for under $200 in the 300 watt range @dbrn32


300 watts actual draw? Chances are they won’t be that high. And if they’re relatively inexpensive lights that usually means lackluster efficiency, which means you’ll probably need close to 700 watts actual draw to fill that area. You can grow with less, you will just have to tighten up your area some or the yield on your grow will be greatly reduced from poor light intensity.


I found this 1200 watt led
Power:1200W Voltage: AC85-265V Number of LED:120PCS Lumens: 22800LM LEDs color: 9 Band Full Spectrums 380nm:1pc 410nm:1pc 430nm:3pcs 460nm:10pcs 610nm:2pcs 630nm:68pcs 660nm:9pcs 730nm:1pc White(10000K):5pcs We can custom lamps according to your requirement. Any ratio is available! Size(L)(W)(H): 1200W(410mm210mm60mm) Warranty: 3 years Net Weight: 4.5KG Power Factor: >97% Actual Power: 280w Led Chips: double chips LEDs 10w Package Contains: 1pc LED Lamp, 1pc Input Wire, 1set Suspending Strings


Cool. You’ll probably still need at least two of them to be happy in that size area. And that’s not giving any consideration to the light spectrum produced.


If i have a fan in a grow tent would i need a intake fan to @dbrn32


Whether or not you need an intake fan kind of depends on how the rest of your space comes together.

Does your tent have passive vents at the bottom? I feel like the standard in small to medium sized tents is to use an exhaust fan with speed control and then use the passive vents for intake. Then depending on size you can run a circulating fan or two inside the tent.


This is the size of the tent i waa looking at 60"x60"x80 what size light will work good wnat to go with led @dbrn32


I think timber grow lights has a couple of lights designed for a 5’x5’ space. It will be pricey though. If you like that style of light you could probably do a couple of the smaller versions. Or a handful of the amazon panels. What’s your lighting budget look like?


I mean how many watts to go with that size @dbrn32


It depends. I think the led nerds are using something like sixteen 50 watt cobs or 6 quantum boards. So you’re looking at like 800 watts to fill it going that route.

Do you plan on using the whole tent to grow, or leaving room to walk around in?


Going to use the whole tent @dbrn32


Then you’re gonna need a lot!

If you’re aiming to use the amazon led panels, I’d look to fit them at about 50 actual watts per square foot. Just make sure you get something with a good balance of blue to red wavelengths so you can use the same lights throughout.

If you don’t mind spending a little more money up front, you can get into a more efficient cob setup or do something with quantum boards. They’re going to put out a lot more par per watt, thus requiring less watts to achieve similar levels. Start up costs will be higher this way, but cheaper in long run when energy costs are considered.

I think either way you look at it, it’s going to cost more than you had originally planned. Using half the tent now and building on your grow later is probably a good option for you. Or you can save some money building your light fixtures too.


:+1::+1::+1::revolving_hearts: thanks for the help just want to do 4 plants @dbrn32


So you plan on filling a 5x5 with four plants, or you changed your mind and are just going to start a little smaller?

I would think two of either of these fixtures would do 4 small to medium sized plants. Like maybe a 4-6 week veg time.

#36 found this one @dbrn32


Try it out and let us know. I feel like the effective flowering footprint is going to be fairly small. Putting you in the same boat as the others, needing a few of them to do a good job. But there’s nothing like real world experience, take that over looking at pictures any day.

The lights I recommend are based off other members experience with them. I use different technology that would likely cost you $1500+ to get into that size area. But I also grow in smaller spaces, which are a little more cost efficient to use some of the higher end technology.


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Will i need. CO2 Supplementation for my gow tent. If i am adding. A intake fan @bob31