Closet. Grow. Hydro/soil

Looking to do a closet grow.
Lets get this growing.


@bob31. Looking to do a closet grow

Was there a question in this post? @Wolfmankush

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Want to a cloest grow setup just looking fpr some hlep @Covertgrower

@Wolfmankush Ok, awesome, because this is a closet grow I’ll assume stealth correct? Then you’ll need a carbon filter for the smell. A small tent maybe that fits inside of the closet, or the ability to seal it off. I recommend an led grow light so you won’t have heat issues. If your sealing the closet off and not installing a tent I suggest painting the inside a flat white so it reflects better. If this is your first grow, you’ll need a PH tester to verify proper ph of water and soil. You’ll also need a common oscillating fan to keep air moving around inside the area. Depending on your geographical location you may need a humidifier, or a dehumidifier. Highly recommend getting a fabric pot to grow in. These are a list of basics, this list is not exclusive. @bob31 can chime in if I missed any of the basics. This will get you started. Feel free to ask away if you have more questions, that’s what this site is for. Happy growing!!

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I have grown out doors.thanks for the help what about a intake fan and was thanking about a small hydro seet up

How are you planning on getting the air into the closet? @Wolfmankush

Was goin to leve the doors opean and seal it off cut a hole out something like that @bob31

You should be ok with a passive intake. Meaning no fan. See what happens and add one later.

Do you have a way of exhaust the old air? Same manner?

Was thinking about doing the same way as the intake how big. Intake/exhaust fan do i need and what about the watts for the led @bob31

How big is the closet?

Cant find the tape

Just use your feet and step it off heal to toe. Generally your foot is about a foot. Close enough for an estimate anyway!

About 2 feet wide 89 inchs long 88 inchs high …@bob31

A 4 inch exhaust fan would work. Something like this would work 190 cfm

Unless you think you may want to expand in the future?

You would just need the 4 inch ducting too.


:+1::+1::+1::+1: and what about the watts for the light @bob31

How much of the closet do you plan to utilize as grow space? Have you decided on a particular grow method, or number of plants?

All of it i think 1 to 4 plants maybe soil/hydro/dwc @dbrn32

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If you’re going hydro, you’ll have to decide if you’re going with individual buckets or a single res with multiple net pots. As that would have a considerable impact on how much space you’re going to need to light. If you plan to supplement with soil pots either way, then you’ll just target covering the entire space with enough light intensity.

What’s your budget for lighting? And have you already decided to go with led for sure?

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Yes want to go with led and want to keep it under 200$ for the led