Closet grow first timer

Greetings!! First time grower just start out, a friend gave a plant he had. It was already a month or more old when I got her. Since I got her I germinated a few more seeds and they sprout still unsure if male or female. Just wanted to post some photos of the progress thus far and take any advice or pointers from anyone! Thanks again!!!(upload://3yYVCc93mjgkFHB0UOKZFdzhlma.jpeg)



Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

It’s hard to see what they look like under the rave lights. Take some pictures in natural light or black out and use flash.

At that age you got past most…you’re doing good!


Like @Zee said. from what i can see they look good



Welcome and some pics in natural light are always awesome. Look good though congrats farmer shrubs…

Those plants photogenic asf! Looking beautiful bro, welcome🙏🏾you know the strain ?

Update** pics in blackout with flash

I do have a little concern with this last one here. The leaves started to claw downward and the plant itself looks a little more droopy than the others. Any ideas?

Thanks again for the support and advice!


Some leaves kind of start to do that when they need to be watered.
There’s also it’s the hint of nitrogen excess. Just something to keep an eye on.

They look awesome man!! Very nice, great pics

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No I do not know the strains. They were just collected from different sacs

I think one of my girls may have started flowering… if so that would make it an auto flower right? Please any thought or advice would be much appreciated!!

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Looks like preflowers to me.

They don’t have to be an auto to just show pistils. Are they under 18 hr light or 12? Did you switch recently? If I remember correctly you don’t know what you got from a buddy? I have one right now that showed preflower around 4 weeks while under 18 but that’s it. She’s still under 18 and not showing any longer at 6 weeks now. Autos will continue into flower no stopping.

They have been on 18/6 since the beginning. Haven’t switched yet

Well guess what… You definitely got a girl. LoL that’s all we can tell for now. If it was me Keep them on 18 for another month maybe then flip. <---- strictly if you have the head room. They are going to still practically double in size. (Around about) If you flip now you will still have 2 months to go but have Christmas buds… either way they are NOT gonna disappoint you have some healthy looking, full plants. Great job man, you should be happy with yourself. It’s not such an easy feat for some ppl. and can be a real pia. I’m sure your stoked but it shows. :+1:

Thanks for the responses and advice!! Here are a couple more pics of the grow. As more questions arise I will ask you guys, and post updates to the journal!!

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Definitely dude…shove it full of pics and info. Your journal your shat!!! We are in your journal right?? LoL
I actually first came cause I thought the title…never mind… LMAO good stuff welcome and all that jazz if I didn’t say it before… call me johnny two times… two times!! BOnghiT


New light added to the mix!


Tried my first attempt at LST. What do you guys think? Any tips? Advice?

Thoughts? Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks again!


The new light looks like the 135 rspec? Big difference right! Looks great btw nice and easy japanese, no probs, no breaks, off and running. I betcha she’s pointing all back up it’s incredible how fast they react isn’t it.