Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


Hey! I couldn’t stay away :smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to y’all, a little late! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, spent quality time with family, and had or served a great meal…or three.

We’re in a new place! However, comma, it’s temporary, so I won’t be growing just yet. And the Frigidank™ is in…impound? It and a few other things were in a rental truck that got towed. It’s a long, long story. I may get around to writing it all out at some point. Or I might just move on. I might be able to get the stuff back, but I’m honestly over it. My life is such that my peace and sanity are much more important to me than “stuff.” I have all my grow equipment in storage, but if I end up with the space I want to grow in, I’ll be building new lights, using bigger fans, etc., and all that will be useless. I guess I got the nursery covered, anyway. :smile: The biggest loss was my sticker collection! :laughing: I’m trying to think of it like a Buddhist mandala…really awesome, but ultimately temporary. Everything is. Love life!

When I do get around to building a new garden, I’ll put a link here to a new journal to go along with it. I hope you’re all doing well, in good spirits, and growing, smoking, vaping, eating (whatever your thing is) the dopest dope! :v:


Bummer on the Frigidank. But glad to see you back. I hope you get into a spot to grow in. I think you’ll do great things if given a spot to grow based on how great you did with a small space.

I’m probably a month maybe 5 weeks away from my grow finishing. Had a few rough patches at the beginning and stunted 2 of them pretty bad. But they’re still alive and will give me some even if it’s not much. But I learned a lot from it. So I want to say thank you again for the motivation to do this. I hope you’re around at the end to see how much it gives me.


I’m catching up on your journal now :+1:

Edit: I’m lying. I’m looking at your pictures lol


Lol yeah there’s a lot of chat there.


Sorry to hear of your situation @elheffe702 , I sincerely hope that it works out for you my friend.


Thanks @Holmes. We’ll be fine :+1:


I’m slow to catch up on this, but I’m so glad to see you back! I’m really sorry to hear about your stuff… but glad that it was “just stuff” and not you or your family. I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to share with us, here, @elheffe702… more grow threads, or just thoughts. Be well, dude.


How did I not see this earlier?! Hope you get settled soon and get back to growing some dank! Keep me posted by tagging me tho. I’m only checking tags most of the time on this side lately, but I wanna make sure I keep up with you bud :fist::v:


Thanks @WonkaMan and @MattyBear!
All good about the “stuff.” It’s good to be back on here. It’s nice to come back to a sense of being welcomed and missed. I’m really missing my garden. I didn’t realize how therapeutic it is. I miss the rewarding feeling of the harvest after several months’ work…and I just miss the work! Anyone in Las Vegas needing any help with their garden, I’m available, and I’m in it just for the enjoyment! :v::laughing:


I have a few upgrade ideas for the Fridgidank 2.0! Whenever ur ready to start back up, say the word man. N happy ur at peace. Had all of us worried around here


I’m no where near Vegas but I definitely need a hand. Holidays???


Maybe not exactly what your looking for but I know around here some food banks and or homeless shelters and drug recovery homes have some sort of gardening thing going on. Hope you find it somewhere brother…


Hey! Happy Anniversary, @elheffe702! (I didn’t notice that earlier!) :tada::tada::tada:


Hmmm that is an AWESOME suggestion. If we dont have one I think I could get behind starting something like that around here. Really mutually beneficial. I just enjoy playing in dirt. N we have hungry homeless people everywhere


Yeah its really cool seeing their faces light up with a feeling accomplishment at providing some of their own food, and when you feel good about yourself you have a tendency to try that much harder. I guess we are sorta like a weed plant, we want to grow all we need is to germinate in the right conditions.


I freaking love this place. :smiley: