Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


There’s nothing TOO crazy going on in the garden today. Billie Jean (WW fem) is about to start week 4 of flowering. After testing her runoff at nearly 8.0 ph…
…I went ahead and flushed with about 10 gallons of 6.5 ph water, and then fed with bloom nutrients. The final runoff was 6.8.

I’m pretty sure she was starving. I overfed her a lot early on, and the build-up made the soil very alkaline. It’s interesting to see how something you do today will effect the plant weeks later. Hopefully she greens back up. This is all, of course, based on my out-of-my-ass, internet botany degree.

Her flowers are getting fatter by the day, and now that I have a ph meter and can SEE where I’m messing up, plain as day, and prevent it, I’m confident she’ll really take off now, bulk-wise.

And in the closet, Left Eye and Chilli (Lemon Skunk fems) are doing fine, and seem to be the textbook example of differences in phenotypes…or the seed bank goofed and I have two different strains lol

Chilli looks slightly more mangled from some bondage earlier today. She’s more stretchy than her neighbor, so a little lst was in order. I use pieces of coat hanger cut into about 8-9" lengths, then bent over in half. I just pin down the branches by pushing the “stakes” right into the soil near the edges to prevent damaging the roots, and I just let the weight of the metal hold down the branches nearer the center.

I’m amazed how much bigger these two are than my first plant, the White Widow. I may have space issues if she doesn’t finish up on time. The good thing is, I have basically unlimited space vertically in the closet, so they can grow upward a bit, and then just be tucked under the screen when they go in the flowzer box. I’ve topped them once, and I think I’ll leave it at that until they grow out a little more.

I feel like I have a pretty good handle on everything, but I’m open to any criticisms or suggestions any of you might have. I’m always open to learning more about…well, everything! My second grow has started very well, mostly due to experience, but also from good info I’ve read on this very forum. Thanks! You guys rock. Happy gardening!


P.S. bud porn:


Billie Jean is greening back up…YAY!

February 6 on the left, today on the right. And her colas get taller and fatter every day.

Left Eye and Chilli are looking good. I did a little more training on both overnight to help spread them out.

My scrog screen will definitely be full this time around! Happy gardening! :v:


Also, I need to know if there’s a support group for people addicted to taking pictures of their plants. Forgot to add this:


dude (or dude-ette), your fan is disappearing :+1:

looking good, and as someone who is in “Off season”, I appreciate any pictures anyone puts up. They are such beautiful plants…


Dude is accurate. Yep, she’s bulking up fast. Thank you! Indoors, it’s always in season. :smile:


stuck in un-heated garage, family gets the house, I get the garage :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There are lots of ways to climate control your garage. My buddy’s garage is more comfortable than my house lol! He is restoring a car, so likes it comfy.


unfortunately it is old wiring, and the lights and fans are pulling about all it can handle, also not attached to the house. The power and cash it would suck out of me to heat it up just isn’t an option any time soon…

I shall continue to live through all of your grows for a few more weeks. I plan on germinating again mid march, and hope this isn’t the year we get the mid april snow…


Ladies are looking great brother


Thanks, man. I think she’ll pull through and be a decent harvest. I’m getting excited about that.


Nice girls, PS I’m pretty sure this is the support group for ppl addicted to taking pics of their plants. :wink:


Thank you! Ha! Yeah, I guess you’re right. Hi. I’m Jeff, and I’m a cannaphotoholic.


Hi Jeff :wink:


I’ve been clean about five minutes :laughing:


She gets a little real sunshine this afternoon.


Happy little trees. :grinning:


Bob Ross would be proud! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


Looks great brother. Those look like some happy ladies


The veg closet is another story. Both plants look good, but they’re growing so fast, I may have to cull one to make room for one healthy plant.

I still have another month at least before the White Widow in the box is done. I tried some supercropping on Chilli, the taller of the two, to keep her height down and spread her out some more, but she just stands right back up lol

Other than topping and training, or culling one, any ideas?