Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


Thanks @soilman837!


Outrageous Jeff!! You might be an electrician’s nightmare but you are rocking that grow closet! I mean seriously - that’s amazing!! I am so happy for you! :hugs::+1:t3:


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More light bigger buds


No money for said lights. And I’m also still learning how close I can put this fixture without burning. I haven’t maximized what I have yet. My Lemon Skunk was dense and good sized, despite harvesting early. The next one will be even better. But yes, a quantum board or build from strips is coming soon.


Here you go @Strokeman


Thank you, now back to the top to start reading!


Brace yourself, it gets pretty gnarly lol


Looking good man. Have quite a frw irons in the fire it seems :v::+1:


Maybe too many lol we’ll see!


Nah you got this haha


Amazing :wink:I still have a huge smile from reading about your setup and progress :clap:t2:


I’ve had so much going on lately, I haven’t had time to update my journal. I finally have a fairly lazy Sunday, so, here it goes…

I’ll get the grape tomato plant out of the way first, since this isn’t :joy: It is about 10 weeks from sprout, and I have one fruit so far:

…and the rest of it doesn’t look too bad. This looks so silly, but I can grow year-round indoors, just like my cannabis, so why not? The scribbled on parts are just photos:

My youngest plant, Angie, Double Tangie Banana from a bag seed, is doing great. She is not quite 6 weeks from sprout. She got topped/FIMmed a couple of weeks ago, and she’s beginning to bush up nicely:

Next up is Scully. She’s Head Cheese, from another dispensary bag seed. She got topped 7/22, and again 7/27. She’s also currently exploding:

In the basement, Betty, last of the third generation of Lemon Skunk clones, is doing great, too. I took one more clone from her that has only just rooted, and is living with Scully for now. We will be moving soon, so this might end up being a mother, eventually, when I have a larger space in which to grow. Anyway, Betty got topped and FIMmed in mid June, and has been getting supercropped, tied, tucked, slapped, …wait, no…she got flipped to a 12/12 light schedule 8/7, not quite a week ago, and I’m planning on letting her go from here, no more training, but we’ll see how much more she stretches. Her sisters have all only stretched a little bit right after the flip and then settled right down. Let’s hope she does, too, or I might run out of height. It should be okay. She’s under a couple 4000k, 23 watt LED bulbs now, and I might add a third and swap for more reddish ones for the last couple weeks. This is the plant the cat FIMmed for me. Look at all those bud sites:

You might’ve noticed Annie is missing. I had to cull her to make space for the greater good. As an old buddy of mine who is no longer with us used to say all the time, “oil well.”

And in the ol’ Frigidank™, Judy, another Lemon Skunk clone, is cooking right along. She is on day 24 of 12/12. I gradually lowered the lights down to 12-13" from the canopy after the flip, and I’m raising them as she grows to keep them at that height:

There’s still some nasty looking spots, but the new growth and the buds look good. And the color is pretty, anyway.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well, and your gardens are flourishing. :v: :slight_smile:


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All input is welcome. Everything seems under control, but there’s always room for improvement, right?


Must be some good sh…tuff man , you had to write " DO NOT LEAN " on the frame. lol, but that would suck having the screen move. It is looking good and you have a steady flow of BUD. That is why I done my first indoor a scrog (bud sites).