Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


The bud pics are beautiful!!


Thanks! She’s a colorful strain for sure.


You guys.

I didn’t dare let Lil Kim go any longer.

I don’t know what happened exactly, but she matured way faster than expected. Six weeks only, and I had to harvest today. Somehow, trichomes were about 10-15% amber on average, so I’m alright with it. Should be okay smoke, but there’s less than I was hoping for since she didn’t get to go all the way.

The pot was chock full o’roots…maybe she got root bound?

Obligatory sticky finger/trimmer pic:

Colorful trim is drying in the bin before it will go into the freezer until I’m ready to…do whatever with it.

This was right after I closed it up. It’s staying around 58% now. Score.


Great harvest man. Some great finishing colors I’m jealous haha. I had a strawberry kush that went quicker than expected. Sometimes you just get lucky and find a jem. Congrats on the harvest :v::+1:


Judy in her new digs:


Looking good man :v::+1:


Thanks! I’m about a month behind on schedule now, so I’ll have a lull. But once Judy’s ready, I’ll start harvesting once a month or so. Her, then the other Lemon Skunk clone (love that stuff) who I’ve yet to name but I’m leaning toward “Betty” (as in ugly, but don’t tell her that!)

then Scully the Head Cheese brat making me look silly

then Angie the Double Tangie Banana, sprouted today.

I need to figure out some better airflow in the closet, since improving the light-proofing reduced the flow. I’m experimenting with a couple things trying to cool it down while I have everyone on 18/6 for now.


Congrats on the harvest!! So happy the grow cycle is working like it’s supposed to! Mine is pretty close but my number of “patients” has increased so the yield has to get higher. So far I seem to be a bit under 2oz per plant and that doesn’t seem to last :scream:

Happy 4th!!


Thank you! If I can consistently get 2+ per plant, I can eliminate the need for the dispensary. Of course, the more I have the more I smoke. :smile: So I’ll have to work on that, but yeah! When we get a bigger place, I plan to build a grow room using the same cycle, 4 stages, and more plants in each stage. The way it is now, if I get a male, hermaphrodite, or otherwise lose a plant (or have to harvest a month earlier than expected…) I lose a month or longer between harvests. Always improving :+1:

Happy 4th of July!


I just jarred up 39 grams of dried Lil Sebastian. Not quite an ounce and a half. Not bad for several weeks early. I rolled up a joint of the shake and a few chunks I wouldn’t even quite call popcorn. Crumbs? Anyway, I’m pretty sure it was one of my son’s toys, but I heard a horse winny right as I blew out the first hit. I’m still dying laughing. Lil Sebastian kicked me in the face. I feel my whole body relaxing as I write this. It’s not much in the way of taste, yet. But it’s not harsh at all. Smells like it should on the exhale. I’ll do my best to stay out of it and let it get a nice cure.


Staying out of it is always the hard part :v::+1:


Alright, time for an update on the whole fam damnly.

My grape tomato plant is exploding, considering moving it outside actually:

Angie, the Double Tangie Banana seedling is two weeks old next Monday, and killing it:

Scully the Head Cheese…uh, seedling? She’s over six weeks old from sprout, but barely bigger than Angie. Note the post-it, reminding me to feed her. I overwatered (and therefore kinda flushed) her early, which stunted her. Then she was eating herself up right away. So the post-it is to remind me she’s six weeks old, and that her soil is toast, basically. She’s looking more green finally. She’ll catch up:

#3” got supercropped right before some environmental issues I had in the closet, and ended up losing the branches in question. She’s recovered well, and may get named, and potted up into a pot to stay here soon, as I can’t reach my buddy that was going to take her.

Betty, another Lemon Skunk clone, is getting nice and bushy as I expected from the cat-executed FIM. I’m considering trying her without the scrog:

And last but not least, Judy, yet another Lemon Skunk clone, is about to get flipped. Uh, again. I had flipped her to 12/12 only a few days before moving her into the Frigidank™, but then flipped back to 18/6 to get her to fill up the screen, and to slow things down a little. I feel like I got a little rushed, so I decided to take my time and put more focus into each plant, one at a time. And the plants and I both show improvement from it. Too many days, I got in a hurry and looked at my garden as one task. Lately, I haven’t had as much time, so I have taken my time more, to focus more on what I’m doing, and to save more time, if that make any sense. Sort of the inverse of “haste makes waste.”

Anywho, Judy has the same climbing pH issues everyone else has had. I’m planning on flushing at her next feeding. She’s doing alight, overall, but beginning to yellow. I’ll have to get on top of it.

And the Lil Sebastian is curing nicely already. I’m impressed with this strain so much. I really wish I had taken some clones. Oh well.

Blue Dream grown by “Green & Gold” from “Thrive Cannabis Marketplace,” one of the local dispensaries, on the left. My lil Sebastian on the right. I’m doing something right. Don’t forget, this was way early, too.


@elheffe702 don’t know if it will help your cause, but I use it for my 2’x2’ its a bendable usb fan and this black charger lasts fine through the night then I just swap the charger and plug in the other one so I always have a full charge fan was like $2.00 loldoes the trick


Dang man @elheffe702 lookin good and I like that comparison :call_me_hand: good job


@elheffe702 is that string or wire in a box that your drying your buds on looks like a great way to do it trimmed very nicely and ready for jars


Nylon string, same I used for the scrog. Thanks for the nice words!


Y’all. I just found a nice Blue Dream seed in my dispensary jar. I’m stoked. I’m definitely growing it next.


Blue Dream Auto is my newest seedling strain - hope it will be a birthday present for my oldest - she wants the entire plant to herself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Her birthday is October 15th :pray:t3:


It’s time for another update. I’m very pleased with how things are going in my garden. If only the rest of life were so straightforward.

In the nursery, I have another Lemon Skunk clone…

…and Angie, the Double Tangie Banana seedling, from a dispensary bag seed. She’s a couple days over three weeks from sprout, and coming right along. I’ll be topping her within the next week or so. She’s just starting her fifth set of leaves. She’ll need potted up pretty soon.

Scully, the Head Cheese seedling, also from a dispensary bag seed, has recovered from her troubles in infancy.

This strain is so good, I refused to give up on her. :man_farmer: :man_scientist: :man_dancing: :muscle: :seedling: :deciduous_tree:
She is eight weeks and a day from sprout. She got topped a few days ago. She looks droopy in these pics because she just got overwatered (kidding, mostly) and fed today. She needs to be transplanted, too, but both will have to wait until I can get more pots. Someone HAD to grow tomatoes…

It’s doing great, too, bee tee dubs.
Just started growing flowers.

The orphaned Lemon Skunk clone, Annie (so stupid :smile: ), is doing peachy. She’s had some supercropping and will get the bondage treatment soon. She’s been topped a couple times. I took off two whole branches the second time. She and her sister…

Betty, are both 10 weeks from cutting. Betty got some serious training, supercropping, then tied down. She’s the one our cat FIMmed for me. Her space is lightproof from the rest of the closet, as long as the door stays closed during lights out, but I might even fix that, too, if I find I need in there for the nursery or something during lights out. While I’m on the topic, should you happen to be sitting in your grow space in the dark, with the lights off, looking for light leaks, don’t rest your head in a glue trap. And that’s all I have to say about that…
The whole gang:

The curled Amazon box is to assist with intake airflow. It creates a kind of duct up to that fan.

And I seriously need to clean the grout. I’ll switch Betty to 12/12 and get her going once Judy…

…the Lemon Skunk clone currently starting to spit out pistils in the Frigidank™, is about 4 or 5 weeks in. She got flushed, but not before getting a little hungry. I’m learning. Everything new is healthy looking, so I’m confident she’ll do great. So in about a month, I’ll get to test out the flower section of the closet, and see how “floral” the new “bathroom air freshener” scent is.

And just to make you laugh…or maybe cringe? All of this:

…is powered by this…

…single, ungrounded extension cord, held in place by drywall screws. I’m a high-tech redneck. Don’t freak out! It’s on a GFCI outlet, it only pulls 1.08 amps (quite a bit under the 15 the outlet can handle) with everything on…

…the cord never even gets lukewarm, I switch off the lamps before attempting to remove or install bulbs, and LEDs are awesome. I’m adding one more lamp up top in the nursery to fill the one available socket, and complete the Clark W. Griswold homage.
…and that’s almost exactly my wife’s expression when I start talking about my garden :joy: @LogieByYoga

Seriously though, when I have a bigger space for my garden, all this stuff is going on Craigslist after I build some better light fixtures, get some better fans, etc.

I hope you’re all doing well, in good spirits, and smoking the dopest dope :v: :kissing_closed_eyes: :cloud:


Great grow :+1::+1: