Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


Yeah, done with facebook totally. I keep it installed, to keep in touch with relatives.


@elheffe702 Hang in there bro , "what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger " … you must be a TLC fan :+1:


I couldn’t agree more! It’s one of the reasons why I joined this website. Good luck with everything and take care.


Thanks man. TLC is alright, just needed a couple fitting names! :+1:


Thank you, you too!


Looking great! Now that they’ve been transplanted they gonna take off :sunglasses:
Serious growth about to happen


I already have new shoots and leaves almost daily. Amazing plants! Oh, btw, my new phone arrived and is updating/installing/charging…I’ll post some pics once it’s all done.


It’s all falling in to place! Enjoy your phone and your grow.


What kind of feeding schedule should I be using for flowering? I’m going by the chart, but cut about in half, on the General Organics Go Box. For instance, where it says 5ml/gal, I’m using 2ml/3qts. 3 quarts is about perfect to get a decent amount of runoff, although she’s taking more and more. Through veg, I was feeding with every watering at first, before learning I shouldn’t, then every other watering. I know they use a bit more in flowering than in veg, but should I still be feeding every other watering, or every time, or every third watering?


Starting to bulk up already.

I did some more tucking and re-tucking, trying to get all the tops about the same height.

And the closet is looking good, too.

New shoots on both plants.

What’s up with the purple stems?


Could be genetic or phosphorus deficient, or a number of other things. If the new growth looks good and she’s growing good, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


I thought maybe it’s a symptom of shock from transplanting. But yeah, everything looks as good as it could, otherwise.


Matty beat me to it. Could be a genetic or a deficiency, but if everything is going fine I would lean towards it just being genetic. I want to say most of my plants have had either purple in their main stems and or leaf stems.


My single other experience at this had a purple stem at first, but seemed to go away a lot earlier. But then, maybe not, and it just seems that way because of the giant size difference in the two young plants and the one flowering. I won’t worry about it.


What about the watering/feeding question I asked earlier…anyone?


apologize brother. I myself water 1 to 2 times a week and I feed them every time. I don’t use the line of nutrients you use. Some growers go with the ole feed, water, feed schedule


It looks like she’s wanting a little more. I always feed full strength and let my plants tell me if it’s too much or if they like it, and sometimes want more!


Roger that. I’ll feed water feed then, but I’ll plan on the next watering to be feeding, bumped up a bit, too. Thanks!


Bud porn:


So pretty! :heart: :green_heart: :seedling