Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


Thanks for the birthday wishes! I must be too high to answer your question right now lol.


As it should be, today! No rush, bud, enjoy :v:


Tru Dat!! Stay High my friend


Thanks in advance @Niala. I wasn’t aware you were more a regular “over there” and I haven’t had the opportunity to join yet. I appreciate you.


Yeah i am a volunteer grow mentor over there but have some health issue this early summer but doing better now.

So, give me a resume of your problem and some pictures and numbers (ppm,pH, temps and humidity, grow room size, size of your exhaust fan (cfm)

I will surf your journal in the mean time :wink: @elheffe702


Blowing air direct at the canopy, from under, is searching for problems…

So, you nailed it @elheffe702

Stomata, the tiny little holes on the leaves, will close and the plant will going on hold, thinking it’s in a drought situation, so , always indirect air flow on plants, any plants… From under or above the canopy…

It’s also most probably why @peachfuzz notice that your soil staying wet since your plant do not drink if they think they are in drought situation and have some deficiencies and excess and do not grow as fast as they should be…

it’s just my humble opinion… Otherwise try to keep your numbers right… nice grow buddy :wink::+1:

~Al :v::innocent:

Happy birthday @MattyBear :tada:

Airflow (budrot) issues vs Hermie Risk

Thank you Al! @Niala and thanks for jumping in here too! I appreciate you.


You’re welcome


Thank you so much, Al. I’m Jeff. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m sorry I disappeared earlier. We had a power outage, mainly our fault if you get what I’m saying LOL. Long story, but we had to physically go in to get it taken care of, wait in a DMV-ish line, but it’s all good. My plants sat in front of a window with lots of sunshine, fresh air, and about the same temps/humidity they’re used to, anyway, while we were out…all good, back to normal.

Thank you for your time, and it’s very …can’t think of the word… I’ll say it this way. Coming from you, or anyone with your knowledge/experience, I feel quite complimented.

Again, thank you for making an exception and helping me out!

Edit: “accomplished?” Lol, meh


Thanks for the Temptations Jeff! :hugs:


Well, I’m pretty sure it’s only environmental, my issues early in flowering. I pointed the fan away from the canopy, more indirect, and I already see improvements:

Thanks again, @Niala! I’m just looking at this…I’m so anal, I should really chill. I’m not going to break my arm patting my own back, but this looks tasty. I’m pretty sure it’ll smoke just fine. Judy, Lemon Skunk clone, day 27.

Everything in the closet backs up the problem probably being the wind. Angie:

Scully…she got some bondage and supercropping today:

And, juuust starting to flower, Betty:

There’s less velocity to the airflow in the closet. The leaves on all these plants just flutter. Some of the leaves in the Frigidank™ looked like the tongue of a big dog hanging out the car window, only much dryer.

Literally every plant in the house got watered today. I’m exhausted. I have no idea how some of you keep up with these huge grows. I have a clone, two in veg, and two flowering, plus a grape tomato plant and a “bamboo” plant, that’s actually a Dracaena.

Definitely indeterminate, by the way :joy: It’s a shame we’ll be moving soon. It’ll be tough to move a tomato plant, I think, once it’s all viney. It’ll probably be right about the time Judy goes into Jars to cure. That sounds a little sick, like a victim, but oh so good.
And the Dracaena:

…which is actually three stalks, I, the bamboo noob, learned after transplanting it from the tiny pot it (they) came in. This is a “water plant” so it’ll literally grow in anything, kinda like everyone here’s favorite…anyway, I plan on getting some panda-looking planters to put them in once we’re moved. My wife thinks I’m cute, don’t care what y’all think :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in lots of pain today, after all the running around I’ve been doing the past couple days. Car rides can be brutal for me. I’m trying hard to ignore it, but it’s persistent today. “Stuck” (blessed) with dispensary stuff for now, but I got that good good. All good.

Thanks for that, @Momtomask! I love it. I wish I could like it twice! I hope everyone’s in as good of spirits as me, or even better. Peace :v:


You’re welcome @elheffe702, you did all the work :wink::grinning:

Environmental and pH are the first thing that can explain 95% of all culprits :wink:

Have a nice day\evening

Nice and sugary buds by the way :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:


Glad to see you in such good spirits (you usually are😉) thanks for the great update!


Thanks for the kind words.


Let me give you some insight into my world. Watch this video. This woman is injured very much like I am, and we experienced similar losses. And my wife high fives me when I remember my train of thought after being distracted, five seconds ago. Celebrate every, tiny victory!


I will bookmark it to watch in the morning. Thanks for sharing :v:


Just finished video, that’s pretty damn intense! I never really thought too much about the looking relatively normal functioning part, and being treated that way, but not having a clue what was going on. I don’t have a personality that would deal well with that at all.


Nor I. I’m still learning how not to go to jail every day lol

Mainly wanting to ask “wtf is your problem” so often lol


I can’t help from doing that now lol. I would imagine my idgaf would go up drastically, and it’s already pretty high. This is being able to look at people and understand that they’re just a jackass. Not being able to put things together like that would probably be immediately dangerous to someone’s health or life, maybe my own.

I don’t handle anesthesia well for the same reason. And based on the description in video, it seems like a similar feeling to those first moments when coming out.


Precisely why I’m growing. My IDGAF gland is oversized. Guinness has visited.

Yes, very much like that kind of fog, at first. Very confusing, very frustrating, but it’s also brought out creative/artistic parts of me that have been more or less dormant since I was a teenager.