Closet and ventilation

Planning on using this space for a grow room, only problem is their is no windows for ventilation, Anything else I can do?

Run an extraction and intake fan from the door at the top, run it in to the back of the room.

Where’s is the hot air going to go?

You vent it out into another room, or out a window if u can,

Are you planning on using the whole room right away?

Is the hot air going to smell? Or cause any problems?

You would use a carbon filter to help scrub the air.

No I’m going to put 2 grow tents inside. I’ll use the whole room eventually tho

Ah well if you’re using tents then that should make it a little easier, you just extract out of the tents.

Extract out the tents into the closet correct?

If it was me i would probably exhaust out of the closet and have a intake that pull fresh air into closet wven if using tents the closet will eventually get hot
I have a small veg tent i keep in a basement pantry and with my lights running the pantry will reach 85-90 tent will be higher 95+
if i didnt have fresh air being pulled in by a intake fan
I maintain 80-85 in tent with fresh air being supplied by other room
Just my thoughts and experience
Otherwise good advice has been given by @Aolelon

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Yea I would intake as well, but whether he is going to have to use 2 fans, or figure a way to do it with one. and

@mino yes you could extract out Into the closet, but you may want to do it into the room the closet is in that way you aren’t just exchanging the same air. How big are the tents you are going to be using? Are you going to be doing a perpetual grow? There are ways to use 1 extraction fan for 2 tents. I am not sure of the way, I know it can be done though as I have seen it. That is where I would start.

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Wow! Lets back up. Do you own the place or are you renting? Can you cut a hole in the ceiling or drywall? (or patch it when you leave if a rental)

I’m renting it’s a 3 family house I’m on the last floor, there is no attic

A tent within that room might make it easier. It depends on $$$. You can help control the climate in the tent by controlling the climate in the room it is in.

If you go with the whole closet, you have more climate to control $$$

No matter what, you will need to get heat out and fresh air in. Flexible duct hose works well for both of those when McGuyver-ing